March 18,2014

eMemory's SIP NeoFuse Received CA Certification For Advanced Security Applications

Hsinchu, Taiwan (Mar. 18, 2014) - eMemory, an embedded non-volatile memory (eNVM) industry leader announced today its innovative anti-fuse technology NeoFuse has received CA certification. This approval recognizes the solution’s advanced security and encryption capability; which is most suitable for products require low-power consumption, high-reliability, and secure encryption including set top box (STB), digital TV (DTV), and CMOS image sensor (CIS ICs). NeoFuse’s data protection ability can also be implemented into applications such as internet of things (IoT), smart home, and Bluetooth devices to render added-values. Combining NeoFuse’s CA accredited solution and it’s industrial grade high-temperature data retention capability, NeoFuse can further expand developments in diversified advanced security applications; assisting clients to grasp business opportunities in booming markets such as mobile payment and automotive safety monitoring.

In recent years, the security protection demands for applications including STB and DTV have grown rapidly. Feature requirements such as content protection, network security, and anti-pirating have also increased accordingly. To meet the market demands, the products of interest must be equipped with higher security solutions compared to average systems, through the built in conditional access (CA) mechanism for decoding, authorization, and verification proposes to prevent data thieving and sabotaging. For the key components of products which are regulated for authorized digital data access such as STB, it is also a must for the associated silicon IP (SIP) to grant CA certification before being implemented to the ICs.

Targeting the aforementioned market trends, eMemory developed the innovative NVM solution NeoFuse with unique anti-fuse structure and read/write technology. By embedded NeoFuse into ICs, it is able to provide security key for encryption and compel the IP to enter read-only mode once data is written. This mechanism can protect data stored in the ICs from being sabotaged or tampered, preventing the original security settings or verification function from damage and avoid reverse engineering. NeoFuse’s excellent security protection level has granted CA certification, and is ideal for applications including code storage, encryption code, identification, and analog trimming. It is not only suitable for products which requires advanced security protection such as STB, DTV, and CIS ICs; but also bring added-value for applications such as IoT, smart home, and Bluetooth devices which required data transmission protection. In addition to the outstanding security mechanism, NeoFuse also exhibits excellent high-temperature data retention capability which reaches industrial grade of 125℃/10 years. Such unique feature is ideal for products with higher demands in severe working environment and superior performance, which can assist clients to elevate product applications from consumer electronics to industrial grade and expand market territory.

eMemory’s embedded NeoFuse SIP has passed IP function or verification at the 65nm, 55nm, 40nm, and 28nm advanced low-power or high-voltage process at several leading foundries. NeoFuse SIP is a CA approved advanced security solution which not only can assist clients to reduce process and device integration cost, but also meet diverse applications requirements while bringing added-values to the products. Looking into the future, eMemory will continue developing comprehensive IP product portfolio in various technology nodes, to provide customer the cost-effective and fast Time-to-Market eNVM solutions.