Climate change poses serious environmental, social, and economic threats to our world. As global citizens, we take seriously our role in protecting the environment.

eMemory is dedicated to using sustainable practices in daily operations and product design. We proactively perform regular audits of office facilities, data system infrastructures and internal process flows in order to reduce long-term greenhouse gas emissions. Our daily work environments use energy-efficient lighting, heating and cooling systems while our paperless electronic data centers minimize overall energy consumption. All of these measures help to ensure our activities are as sustainable as possible.

Green Product Development and Supply Chain Management

With advances in semiconductor manufacturing processes and the increasing complexity of IC design, silicon IP can now be used to enhance the efficiency of the IC design process and shorten development time. eMemory supports sustainability by continuing to develop advanced semiconductor process technologies that support customers’ designs and thereby produce the most advanced, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly products.

eMemory establishes the “eMemory Supplier Code of Conduct” to ensure that our supply chain vendors and their supply chains meet the same sustainability standards as we do, which includes providing a safe working environment, respecting employees, facilitating environment protection in business operations, and complying with ethic codes. Every year, our major suppliers are mandatory to perform a self-assessment by replying to the “Supplier Compliance Checklist.” The checklist specifies five domains for evaluation, including labor rights, health and safety, environmental protection, ethics, and corporate management. The replies are carefully reviewed and improvement programs and on-site audits are implemented when necessary.


Environmental Management

Environmental protection is an extremely crucial part of corporate sustainability. As a specialized silicon intellectual property company, the Company does not engage in physical production and manufacturing, so we are in a non-pollution business – neither producing nor discharging any manufacturing waste. However, we still do our best to integrate environmental protection into our policy formulation and daily business operations, so as to do our part in maintaining corporate sustainable development. Given that the Company is in a non-polluting business, authentication of general environmental management systems does not apply to us. However, we still comply with environmental laws and regulations, reducing resource waste and doing resource recycling. Based on the goal of reducing carbon, and following ISO 14064-1:2018, we completed our greenhouse gas inventory in 2022. Using 2022 as our base year, we will periodically disclose the results of our greenhouse gas inventory checks and review carbon reduction progress year by year. In response to global trends toward energy efficiency and carbon reduction, the Company has adopted a series of measures including replacing old lighting with LED products year by year; accelerated elimination and management of air-conditioning facilities; and promoting e-forms and reduced paper consumption. By doing do, we deeply ingrain concepts of workplace energy conservation and carbon reduction in the minds of employees, continued reduce garbage production, and move toward the goal of zero environmental pollution.

ISO 14064-1 Certificate