Core Values

At eMemory, we are committed to fulfilling our shared values of Responsibility, Innovation, Sustainability, and Excellence in our work. In doing so, we RISE to the challenges and opportunities facing our business from a unified perspective. And we honor these values in our obligations to both our clients and ourselves.

For us, the word RISE distills our company's core values and encapsulates our dedication to strive for a smarter, safer future of computing.


  • Above all, we honor our responsibility for delivering efficiency, quality, and trusted expertise. We support our customers from design initiation to fabrication and take pride in maintaining long-term partnerships that share success. Being accountable for producing consistently reliable technology requires a customer relationship built on honesty, trust, and of course, integrity.


  • The only constant in computing is its perpetual transformation. Therefore, our pursuit of innovation is the source of our continued success. We strive to remain restless in developing Logic Non-Volatile Memory and PUF-based security subsystem solutions. As a result, our IPs continue to play a pivotal role in advancing technological possibilities and safeguarding semiconductors.


  • We are committed to maintaining transparent communications with clients, stakeholders, and staff as we sustain the company's long-term profitability and growth. Considering our business's impact on our industry and community is an essential aspect of this. We will shoulder the responsibility of environmental protection and sustainable development through technological innovation, and provide a more energy-efficient and safer future for the ever-more connected world.


  • We strive to remain peerless in our accumulated knowledge and expertise across our industry. We remain unmatched in our investment in platform availability and product development. Our integral position within the semiconductor ecosystem comes from our deep understanding of our technology's design, development, and fabrication, allowing us to identify emerging trends, anticipate change, and seize new opportunities before competitors.