Who We Are

eMemory is dedicated to developing and delivering semiconductor IPs that unbind the limits of technological possibility. Today, with our established expertise in Logic Non-Volatile Memory, we are spearheading the next wave of PUF-based security subsystems.

Our market leadership comes from over two decades of experience delivering trusted solutions and expanding our IP platform. However, we don't take this position for granted and continue to sustain our investment in researching, developing, and producing the next generation of IP solutions.

One of the semiconductor industry's most significant challenges is transitioning cybersecurity to the hardware level. So, in partnership with our subsidiary PUFsecurity, we are integrating eMemory's patented anti-fuse OTP with a full suite of PUF-Based hardware security solutions. Together, we are ready to play a pivotal role in safeguarding the next generation of computing.


  • Over 60 million wafers shipped by now
  • 25 foundry partners world-wide
  • 10 IDM coverage world-wide
  • Over 2,400 verified NVM IPs
  • Over 7,000 cumulative design licenses

Most Comprehensive Logic NVM Silicon IP Platform

We take pride in our IPs' integral role in the semiconductor design and manufacturing process. Alongside our industry partners, which include foundries, IDMs, and fabless design companies, we have seen our core technologies embedded in over 85 billion chips.

Our portfolio includes OTP (One-Time Programmable), MTP (Multiple-Time Programmable), PUF (Physical Unclonable Functions), emerging Flash Memory such as RRAM, and fully integrated PUF-based security subsystem IP blocks. We utilize both floating gate and quantum-tunneling NVM cell technology, and with our team's embrace of collaborative innovation, we have accumulated unrivaled knowledge in our field. From design initiation to tape-out, we remain dedicated to supporting our partners.

Our Story

eMemory was established at the turn of the millennium in Hsinchu, the epicenter of Taiwan's semiconductor manufacturing industry. Dr. Charles Hsu, and several of his students, founded the company to develop their academic research further, moving from theory into practical application. By 2002, the company saw its first IP, NeoBit, qualified, licensed, and brought into production.

The increasing complexity of SoC design saw a corresponding rise in the demand for reliable, safe, and stable logic NVM solutions. This market shift resulted in a proliferation of alliances across the industry, and by 2011, eMemory was traded publicly on the Taiwanese Stock Exchange.

Following the breakthrough success of NeoBit, eMemory expanded its portfolio of IPs to include several OTP, MTP, PUF, and emerging flash memory solutions. Today, we work closely with fabless design customers, IDMs, and foundries, helping them embed our IPs and helping them secure the future of our ever-more connected world.