Human Resources


If you are a creative person, eMemory offers you a stage where you can shine!

Learning & Development

Our most important asset is our staff. In order to attract, develop, and retain talented individuals and to encourage professional development and growth, we offer a wide range of training programs.


Career Development

eMemory’s innovative research and development thrives on having different ideas and voices working towards the same goals. Your career development is important to us because it drives us forward.

Our dual-track promotions system optimizes both organizational needs and the talents of individual employees. Each employee is free to focus on professional technique or managerial skills—either way, eMemory offers you the opportunity to find your own area of expertise. At eMemory, we ensure comprehensive career development because we want to have the right people in the right places.


Comprehensive Training

Talent is the seed for growth. Our unique training programs enable every employee to cultivate their talent and share professional knowledge. Annual awards honor outstanding performance and contributions to patent invention.

Compensation and Benefits

Employee Compensation

People are eMemory’s most valued assets, so we provide a range of competitive compensation programs to attract, retain, motivate, and reward our employees for their contribution.


Profit Sharing Bonus

Our generous profit sharing bonus is based on company, team, and employee performance because we want to share our growth and our success with all of our employees.


Health & Well-Being

A fully subsidized exercise program and a free high-quality annual health check-up are among our wide range of benefits. A special advanced health check-up program is also provided for senior employees.
Group insurance is offered to employees and their families so they can protect themselves and their loved ones.
Priority parking, a nursing room, and a relaxation area with refreshments provided all help to make an enjoyable and supportive working environment.

Join eMemory

eMemory is the world’s leading developer and provider of embedded non-volatile memory products. We will inspire your passion for creativity and offer you a fulfilling path to a professional and managerial career.

We welcome talented people from around the world to join our team. If you are interested, please browse our current job openings here or email your resume to HR. More details in Chinese are available in this site.

Job List

Job Title Job Description Requirement
Analog Circuit Design Engineer

Our Design Team is responsible for NVM (Non-Volatile Memory) IC circuit design.
As an Analog Circuit Design Engineer, your responsibilities include:


  1. Design, verify and debug analog or HV circuit block for secure storage NVM IP & test chip
  2. Work on IP specification, IP/testchip design, layout optimization and corner simulation of NVM IP
  3. Support NVM IP design kits delivery to customers
  4. Support Fab, Fabless and IDM customers for quick mass production or to enable new business

Education, Experience & Qualifications:

  1. Master degree or above in Electrical Engineering or related majors
  2. Familiar with memory test chip/IP/product level design
  3. Track-record of successful circuit design in bandgap, regulator, SA or charge pump areas
  4. Good at CAD TOOLs like Hspice, AFS, XA, Virtuoso, Composer and Layout tools
  5. In-depth knowledge of full-custom NVM IP design, embedded NVM technology criteria and limit is preferred
  6. Good communication skills, team work and innovative mindset
Device Engineer

Our Team is responsible for NVM (Non-Volatile Memory) IC.
As a Device Engineer, your are responsible for Nonvolatile Memory technology development, verification and qualification.

Education, Experience & Qualifications:

  1. Electrical Engineering background
  2. Master Degree or above
  3. 2+ years experience in Analog Circuit Design
  4. Experience in Memory Sensing, Bandgap, LDO or Charge Pumping is preferred
  5. Experience in High Speed & Low Power Circuit Design is preferred
Product Testing Engineer

As a Product Test Engineer, you will manage the product test development and cooperate with design and process engineers for Embedded NVM (Non-Volatile Memory) product verification.
In this role, your responsibilities include:

  1. Embedded NVM functional testing, performance characterization and reliability testing
  2. Embedded NVM failure analysis and yield improvement
  3. Embedded NVM test program development

Education, Experience & Qualifications:

  1. Master degree or above in Electrical Engineering or related majors
  2. Programming skill with C, C++, Perl or Excel VBA is a plus
  3. Familiarity with semiconductor device, process or CMOS digital circuit is a gre at advantage
  4. Experiences in ATE test program maintenance or development is a great advantage
  5. Good teamwork, communication and collaboration skills
  6. Experiences in FAE is a great advantage
Hardware security Engineer

As a hardware security engineer, your responsibilities include:

  1. RTL development of cryptographic modules, including AES engine, elliptic curve cryptography, hash, tRNG, etc.
  2. Development and improvement of digital designs to prevent against side-channel attacks.
  3. Digital logic design of cryptography-related modules, such as authentication, encryption, and key management functions.

Education, Experience & Qualifications:

  1. Master degree or above in Engineering, Science, Computer Science, etc
  2. Good mathematics and engineering skills
  3. Excellent spoken and written English.