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eMemory Technology Inc. is the world’s largest pure-play developer and provider of logic-based non-volatile memory (Logic NVM) technology. The company has licensed its intellectual property to semiconductor foundries, integrated device manufacturers (IDMs), and fabless design houses around the world.

eMemory’s proprietary IP technologies include NeoBit, NeoFuse, NeoMTP, NeoEE, NeoFlash and NeoPUF. Products developed with these core technologies have been made into more than 68 billion ICs used in various consumer, industrial and automotive applications.

Taking eMemory’s patented anti-fuse OTP, NeoFuse, and quantum-tunneling PUF, NeoPUF, as the foundation, eMemory’s subsidiary, PUFsecurity, develops a full suite of security solutions for securing our ever more connected world.

Founded by PUFsecurity, PUFacademy is a hardware security education platform. We bridge the gap between industry and academia and raise the global awareness of hardware security.


Quick Facts

  • Founded in 2000
  • IPO in 2011
  • Headquartered in Zhubei, Taiwan
  • Over 2,300 customers worldwide
  • 330+ employees, with 70% R&D personnel
  • Over 1150 patents issued
  • TSMC Best IP Partner Award since 2010
  • Established PUFsecurity in 2019

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Investor Events

  • May 08, 2024 1Q 2024 Webcast Investor Conference 16:00 TWT
  • February 06, 2024 4Q 2023 Webcast Investor Conference 16:00 TWT

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eMemory Technology Inc.

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