February 25,2014

eMemory Offers Mature Full-HD SDDI Solutions In Advanced 55nm High-Voltage Process

Hsinchu, Taiwan (Feb. 25, 2014) – eMemory, an embedded non-volatile memory (eNVM) industry leader announced today that its One Time Programmable (OTP) embedded non-volatile memory silicon IP (SIP), NeoBit, has successfully expanded applications into Full-HD small-panel display driver IC (SDDI). In addition to the existing 0.18um, 0.13um and 80nm high-voltage (HV) process platform deployments, this mature mass production solution is now available at world-class foundries’ 12” advanced 55nm HV process. Compact low-power consumption static random access memory (SRAM) can be manufactured in advanced 55nm HV process while achieving Full-HD quality performance. This distinguishing feature is beneficial in providing flexible low-power consumption and lightweight Full-HD quality panel solution to fulfill high-resolution SDDI customers’ demands. This advanced process can also be actively applied as the production platform for Ultra HD (UHD) or even Wide Quad HD (WQHD) SDDI, assisting customers to grasp market opportunities of next generation high-end display applications.

In recent years, mobile applications (APP) of smart phone and tablet have become more versatile, inducing consumers’ demands for superior multi-media performance on mobile devices. This trend hence drew mainstream market’s attention towards higher screen definition, longer battery life, and more light-weight product designs, while promoting display resolution to evolve from WVGA/HD720 to Full-HD, even UHD and WQHD. To fulfill vast market demands, display driver IC providers are proactively researching and developing products with better definition resolution, more compact chip size, and lower power consumption.

Current display driver ICs manufactured in 80nm and 90nm HV processes are restricted by SRAM’s access speed and power consumption, which are unable to satisfy Full-HD SDDI’s need for high-density SRAM. As display panel evolves toward higher resolutions, it requires display driver ICs to embed with more SRAM. As the result, the challenges of shrinking chip footprint as well as reducing power consumption become obstacles that display driver IC providers must overcome.

Targeting the market trend, eMemory took the lead in offering mature solutions at advanced 55nm HV process 12” foundry for Full-HD SDDI customers. Compact and low-power consumption SRAM storage units can be manufactured in advanced 55nm HV process, making it the ideal production platform for Full-HD SSDI. At the same time, eMemory’s NeoBit OTP SIP allows IC customers to use parameter setting for adjusting screen color and enhancing image sharpness of display driver ICs. Moreover, NeoBit OTP SIP does not require process modifications, and is able to provide flexibility for customers to adjust display driver ICs’ color parameters at the final packaging stage. Even at advanced 55nm process, NeoBit can offer advantages including excellent product yield, high reliability, and convenient production process, which are significant factors enabling customers to accelerate mass production timeline. Combining the advantages of eMemory’s SIP and advanced process, it can benefit customers to establish competitive Full-HD SDDI production platforms for meeting high-end mobile devices’ specification requirements and application demands.

The Full-HD SDDI embedded with eMemory’s NeoBit OTP in advanced 55nm HV process offers advantages include compact size, low-power consumption, and high performance, which can significantly increase product competitiveness and cost efficiency. The solution is available and has reached mature mass production stage at world-class wafer foundries. eMemory is the best eNVM solution provider with the ability to provide comprehensive 0.18um, 0.13um, 80nm and 55nm HV process platform NeoBit OTP solutions. Looking into the future, eMemory will proactively collaborate with foundry partners to develop advanced process platforms, offering more diverse and complete embedded non-volatile memory technologies and SIP services for its customers.