Power Management IC

Power management ICs (PMICs) are essential to mobile computing devices, IoT devices, and automotive electronic systems. These devices are typically packed with multiple sensors, application processors/microcontrollers, connectivity ICs, display ICs, and cameras. However, the devices are typically powered from a single light-weight battery. PMICs manage power consumption at the system level and control the flow and direction of power within the devices while increasing power efficiency and improving the battery life of the devices.

USB power delivery (USB PD)-enabled devices and wireless chargers also require intelligent and flexible power management. USB PD-enabled devices are capable of providing bidirectional power delivery and optimizing power flow across multiple devices. Wireless chargers use transfer systems (transmitters and receivers) to optimize charging process, maximize charging speed, and detect foreign objects.


NVM IPs can be used in PMICs, USB PD, and wireless charging solutions for code storage, including configuration data, analog trim, and parameter setting. For example, OTP can be used to store default output voltage as well as pre-programmed power-up and power-down sequence for the device. With OTP, a PMIC can start the power sequence within a few milliseconds, which leads to faster boot times. Likewise, MTP can be used to store program code that may need to be updated occasionally during the life of the device. Chip designers have the flexibility to explore the benefits and trade-offs of OTP and MTP and select the optimum solution to maximize functionality and performance.

Solutions that increase efficiency, save space, and improve yield

Logic compatible and available for HV and BCD processes

eMemory’s NVM IPs use standard processes and provide chip designers with the advantages of advanced process availability, design portability, and low power requirements.

Field programmability

With eMemory’s NVM IPs, programming of the PMICs can easily be done in the field without the need for external memory devices. PMICs can be configured to provide power to various processors and peripherals.

Compact and cost-effective

eMemory’s NVM IPs are small in area and can be used in low to medium density applications. Our NVM IPs require no additional masks or processing steps, thereby improving manufacturing yields and lowering production costs.