Commitment to Employees

People are our most valued asset. eMemory provides a wide range of training programs to attract, develop and retain talented individuals while offering our employees professional development and growth. In addition, we also support a variety of employee activities to promote a healthy work-life balance and a safe and enjoyable working environment.

Compensation Program

eMemory’s competitive compensation program is one way we attract and retain talented individuals. The typical package includes a base salary, a quarterly bonus and an annual bonus. In particular, we offer a profit sharing bonus above the industry average to recognize and reward our employees for their commitment to the company’s success.

Learning and Development

eMemory’s innovative research and development rely on diverse ideas and voices. Thus, we promote equal opportunity and provide a work environment where each employee can explore their potential and put their ideas into practice. We have developed dedicated learning and development programs and promotion systems to ensure our employees and our company work toward a common goal and achieve success together.

Our unique training program covers general, professional and management training, with on-the-job training, specialized work-related courses, professional lectures and e-learning systems. The program is designed to enrich employees’ professional knowledge and increase productivity while guiding them forward in their career.

Exploring Potential

eMemory’s unique training programs enable each employee to cultivate their talent and share professional knowledge. At eMemory, we offer orientation and training specifically designed for different job functions and on-the-job training to help new employees and provide them guidance on eMemory’s work culture. An online e-learning system is also available to enable employees to enhance their professional knowledge of their field. By giving our employees a forum in which they can pool their technical and professional knowledge, we elevate the company to a higher level.

But eMemory isn’t limited to professional training. We are also passionate about using knowledge sharing in all its forms to stimulate our staff, which is why we invite guest speakers from a range of backgrounds to share their expertise in such areas as literature and science.

Furthermore, eMemory has enlisted the services of the renowned global leadership consulting firm to develop exceptional leaders at all levels and achieve greater success. This organization assesses our management’s overall capabilities. After that, they offer courses, advice and practical exercises to increase managerial efficiency through coaching in building networks, wielding influence, mentoring and development, building teams, establishing strategic direction and more.

Career Development

eMemory has developed a dual-track promotion system that both optimizes organizational needs and recognizes the talents of individual employees. Each member of our staff is given the opportunity to discover their own areas of expertise whether that may involve technical or managerial skills. Our leadership program is particularly helpful for employees with technical backgrounds as it enables them to develop the necessary skills to pursue a career in management.

Health and Well-Being

Physical and psychological health is the foundation of productivity and success. Thus, eMemory offers a wide range of benefits to enrich our employees’ daily lives and help them find the ideal work–life balance.

eMemory works with a fitness center to provide a fully subsidized exercise program for all employees to enhance their physical health and build staff camaraderie.

To create team spirit, eMemory subsidizes a wide range of company clubs involved in indoor and outdoor activities, music and sports. The company also hosts seasonal activities such as an annual family day and various sporting events.

To help our employees maintain good health, eMemory offers our staff free, high-quality health check-ups on an annual basis. To provide extra peace of mind, we extend health insurance coverage to every employee and their immediate families.

eMemory has a commons in our workplace where refreshment is available throughout the day to provide employees a space to relax or exchange ideas with their teammates.

We pay attention to sexual equality and monitor our workforce distribution to provide equal opportunities for career development. We also take extra care to provide a comfortable environment for working mothers, including priority parking for expectant mothers and breastfeeding facilities for new mothers.

Workplace Safety

We are committed to providing our employees with a safe and healthy workplace. eMemory’s office design meets Taiwan safety regulations and is equipped with all necessary fire control devices, which are inspected regularly by third-party professionals. We provide employees regular safety training and perform mandatory evacuation drills to prepare for emergencies. eMemory also offers every employee medical insurance to cover unexpected treatment expenses.