Social Participation

eMemory believes that giving back to society brings happiness and promotes team spirit. That’s why we are dedicated to education activities that help us share our knowledge and participate in a variety of community events to aid those in need. We also encourage employees to volunteer in the community as we believe that social involvement generates positive energy for our employees and company alike.


Education is the steppingstone to a brighter future. eMemory has developed long-term partnerships with schools and NGOs in order to share our experience and inspire young people to pursue their potential.

We are a long-term partner of National Tsing-Hua University (NTHU), providing assistance for talented young people including scholarships, summer internships and more.

In addition, eMemory works with NGOs, donating computers and accessories to schools in remote areas to help upgrade their facilities. eMemory also sponsors the educational NGO “Teach For Taiwan” to enhance elementary education environments. Thank you letter from TFT

A Step Up

The best way to gain knowledge is by working in a professional environment. To assist young people from all kinds of backgrounds to develop their capabilities, eMemory has created a summer intern program to offer them jobs. Our interns are assigned mentors, set to work on areas that suit their talents and given performance evaluations. In this way, they can step into the professional world and find a way to their future career.

Knowledge Sharing

To share eMemory’s wealth of practical experience and development with industry and academia, eMemory has published the first logic NVM book by an IP provider, LOGIC NON-VOLATILE MEMORY-The NVM Solutions from eMemory.

eMemory has offered copies of the book to schools, businesses and universities in order to promote professional education and advanced research in Logic NVM, laying out a long-term foundation for future development in embedded non-volatile memory technology.

Social Contribution

eMemory is active in community work and charitable contributions because we believe in giving back to society. Helping others together is also an excellent way to encourage bonding between employees and stimulate team spirit. At the same time, we also maintain long-term partnerships with charitable associations and NGOs helping the less advantaged and supporting disaster relief. For more details on eMemory’s social contribution, please visit ESG Sharing