Key Storage

What is key storage?

Designers may be required to enhance security of the applications for digital rights management through the use of chip-specific security ID, encryption keys and/or code. Since a secure system is only as robust as its ability to keep the encryption keys hidden, designers also have to ensure that the keys are inconspicuously and securely protected. Logic NVM can be integrated in chip designs to provide secure key storage for a wide range applications, such as digital television (DTV), set-top box (STB), smart card, IoT and smartphones. Since the encryption keys are stored in the hardware, they do not have leave the device; thus, providing high level of security.

eMemory provides a complete portfolio of embedded NVM solutions that enable both the chip vendors and integrated device manufacturers to securely store encryption keys on a host (i.e. MCU or Controller).


eMemory’s Logic NVM Silicon IP Benefits and Features

eMemory’s logic NVM silicon IPs can protect the integrity of the security systems. The benefits and features are as follows:

Floating gate or anti-fuse based IPs protect the devices against sophisticated attacks, such as IC decapsulation, de-processing, and microscopy

Testable at Circuit Probe (CP) stage thus, avoiding yield loss at Final Test (FT), Module, and System stages.

High-temperature data retention (more than 10 years at 125 - 150°C).

Optimized for various applications and densities.

Different solutions (OTP or PMTP) for different specification requests.

Support logic, mixed-signal, RF, high-voltage, BCD, SiGe, automotive, and low-power processes.

Silicon-proven at 23 major foundries and available in over 300 qualified processes.




To store key for special behavior

  • NeoFuse

Multimedia IC

To store secure encryption keys for copyright protection, HDCP...

  • NeoFuse
  • NeoBit