April 08,2014

eMemory's SIP Introduced to Electro-Medical Applications

Hsinchu, Taiwan (April 8, 2014)—eMemory, an embedded non-volatile memory (eNVM) industry leader announced today its eNVM solutions have been successfully introduced to the electro-medical applications. With the advantages of high efficacy, small footprint, and low-power consumption; eMemory’s Silicon Intellectual Property (SIP) is beneficial to electro-medical application clients with high demands of security and reliability in smart device developments. At the same time, eMemory’s SIP can enhance the integration between the electro-medical equipments with portable devices, giving an impetus to the industry for becoming “portable” and “wireless”. eMemory’s SIP in medical–electronics’ employments will not only further expand eNVM technology applications, but also create the blue ocean market opportunities for smart electro-medical products.

The consumer grade electro-medical products market has been flourishing in the wake of aging population and the growing awareness of early prevention, treatment, and health care in recent years. This trend hence leads to the surging demands of non-invasive electro-medical equipments and implanted monitoring devices. With the developments of consumer electronics and the popularization of portable devices, the market trend of combining the two has become inevitable. At the same time, the integration of electro-medical products with wireless connective miniature portable devices also becomes a necessity. On the other hand, to reduce the burden of invasive medical products on patients’ bodies, the electro-medical products’ reliability and energy consumption are important safety issues which must be addressed.

Eyeing the market potential, IC developers are successively entering electro-medical domains to seize business opportunities. However, the daunting task of meeting the demands of high reliability, small size, and low power consumption while achieving excellent computing precision for consumer grade electro-medical products is what IC developers must overcome. For such applications, eMemory’s SIP offers advantages including high efficacy, small footprint, and ultra-low power consumption, which are most suitable for compact energy-saving portable medical equipments. Combining both portable devices and wireless technology, it can also further expand electro-medical product’s applications and reduce the burden of medical care for patients, their family, and healthcare providers alike.

eMemory’s NeoBit One Time Programmable (OTP) SIP has been successfully embedded in electro-medical devices such as digital pills, genetic analysis devices, and other cutting-edge products. By embedding a microchip into a digital pill, after patients ingest it, the pill can be activated when it comes in contact with gastric juice. It will then transmit low-powered digital signals to a portable receiver at the size of a bandage attached to the patient for monitoring the person’s physiological conditions. The receiver can also use Bluetooth technology to send text messages to the doctor’s or the patient’s cell phone for reminding the patient to take their medicines. Furthermore, receivers which contain accelerometers and sensors embedded with NeoBit OTP SIP can also be applied for monitoring the patient’s physiological conditions including heartbeat rates, heart activities, and breathings.

For the genetic analysis device, it is embedded with eMemory SIP for trimming and calibration functions; which is capable of proceeding electronically genetic detection in a speedy manner without using bulky and expansive lab equipments. The device can also greatly benefit healthcare providers for extensive applications such as infections diagnosis, genetic related drug responses, and many more at an affordable price. The microchip applied for electro-medical equipments require features including miniature size, ultra-low power consumption, and competitive cost; for which eMemory’s SIP is highly-recognized by clients for the superior characteristics.

eMemory’s has been devoting to the developments of innovative technologies and forward-looking applications since founding. NeoBit OTP SIP has achieved mass production stage for electro-medical applications. In the future, eMemory will continue developing extensive medical electronics and portable devices applications of the Multiple Times Programmable (MTP) SIP product line; ultimately benefit the world with better medical services and living technologies.