April 18,2023

eMemory's Security-enhanced OTP Qualifies on TSMC N5 Process and Continues to Tackle Automotive Solutions

Hsinchu Taiwan, April 18, 2023 – eMemory announced that its security-enhanced version of One-Time Programmable (OTP), NeoFuse, has been qualified on the TSMC N5 process. Another design tape-out for OTP solutions to qualify for the TSMC N5A process will be in the second quarter 2023, focusing on automotive applications.

NeoFuse OTP is an embedded one-time programmable NVM IP solution featuring low operating power, robust reliability and vigorous security. The OTP qualified on TSMC’s N5 process integrates the physical unclonable function (PUF). The OTP-based security features further strengthen data and supply chain protection for all designs whether they are SoC or heterogeneous integration of chiplets. Furthermore, the operating temperature tolerance extends up to 150°C to meet the specifications of automotive applications.

"As a long-term and reliable TSMC Open Innovation Platform® (OIP) partner, we are pleased to see our technology capabilities progress from mature to advanced nodes in N7, N6, and N5 while continue developing solutions in N5A, N4P and N3E. With abundant technical strength formed between the two companies and our innovative OTP-based security functions, our mutual customers further benefited from a one-stop experience in memory and security," said Chris Lu, Senior Vice President of Business Development of eMemory.

“Our collaboration with eMemory consistently meets the increased design challenges on power, performance and reliability and enables advanced SoC designs,” said Dan Kochpatcharin, Head of Design Infrastructure Management Division at TSMC. “We’re looking forward to a continued partnership with eMemory to help our customers accelerate their silicon innovation for expanding end markets, such as automotive, wireless communications, AI and HPC.”

In addition to the TSMC N5A process for automotive applications, ongoing development projects for eMemory OTP on advanced processes include tape-out on TSMC's N4P process in January and another tape-out plan for N3E in Q2 this year.

eMemory continues to develop solutions following TSMC's roadmap in advanced process development to provide the best security-enhanced OTP and security solutions for various trend areas, such as HPC, security, mobile, and automotive.