October 16,2023

eMemory Won TSMC OIP Partner of the Year Award for the 14th Consecutive Year

Hsinchu Taiwan, October 16, 2023 – eMemory has been selected as the TSMC Open Innovation Platform® (OIP) Partner of the Year for Professional Embedded Memory IP in 2023, an exceptional honor for the fourteenth consecutive year. The award is a recognition of eMemory’s devotion to IP innovation, technology support for TSMC, and trustworthy service to fulfill customers’ increasing demands.

We take pride in our successful production records, along with multiple ongoing NeoFuse development projects with TSMC on advanced nodes. Additionally, we've introduced NeoPUF as the chip fingerprint and a comprehensive range of PUF-based security solutions built upon NeoFuse technology.

Earlier in Q1 this year, eMemory’s NeoFuse completed the qualification on the TSMC N5 process, setting a new milestone in advanced process development. In the meantime, One-Time-Programmable (OTP) development on N4P has been underway and is estimated to complete at the end of 2023; another tape-out plan on TSMC’s N5A process, targeting automotive applications, has begun in April and is expected to complete in early 2024. As a long-standing partner exploring the technology frontier with TSMC, eMemory has also started developing IP for N3E, N3P and N3AE technology platforms as part of the future roadmap.

Besides advanced nodes, the developments on specialty platforms continue to progress along. NeoFuse has been qualified on the TSMC 28nm HV platform this year, and the development on the 28nm Embedded Flash platform is underway. On BCD+ processes, the qualification for NeoMTP on 55nm is also under development, to enrich the overall NVM product lines for auto applications. To date, nearly 740 of eMemory’s silicon IPs have been deployed on TSMC’s industry-leading process technologies.

“We’re glad to see considerable design wins in the 12nm, 7nm, 6nm, and 5nm. Thanks to TSMC’s outstanding technology and support, it’s truly a mutual achievement for both companies and the success of the whole industry,” eMemory President Michael Ho said. “And we further developed OTP into PUF-based security solutions to solidify protection for chips and entire system’s operation since the NVM and security IPs play significant roles in sectors across AI, HPC, Automotive, IoT, and many others.”

“eMemory continuously demonstrates its commitment to design excellence, and the TSMC OIP Partner of the Year award is a testament to its dedication to ongoing innovation,” said Dan Kochpatcharin, head of the Design Infrastructure Management Division at TSMC. “We look forward to our continued partnership to enable next-generation silicon design, making it faster and easier for customers to deliver differentiated products to market.”

The title “TSMC OIP Partner of the Year” is exclusively awarded to partner companies with the highest design, development, and technology implementation standards that aid in accelerating silicon innovation. eMemory will continue working with TSMC to enable next-generation SoC and 3D IC designs with best-in-class solutions and services that utilize their latest technologies.