March 09,2005

eMemory Announces Availability of Programmable Embedded Non-Volatile Memory in 0.13um Logic Process

Hsinchu, Taiwan - (Mar. 9, 2005)- eMemory launches the technology of 0.13um NeoBit programmable embedded non-volatile memory in logic process which is advanced to higher level through low-k copper process. With simple structure itself, NeoBit OTP embedded non-volatile memory is not only fully compatible with any current CMOS process but also is able to design in without extra mask layer or changing existing CMOS behaviors, along with the advantages of low-cost and high-efficiency performance. As the CMOS technology progresses, device margin is scaled. It is difficult to embed traditional CMOS process with non-volatile memory cell because of extra thermal budget and additional mask layers. However, NeoBit utilizes the pure CMOS devices as its cell element and does not change original CMOS device schemes, establishing a significant milestone in 0.13um node era. NeoBit OTP is successfully applied to 0.5um, 0.35um, 0.25um, and 0.18um process mass production. In addition to logic process, continuous collaboration with foundries has been extended to various manufacturing processes such as High-Voltage process, SiGe process, Radio-Frequency (RF) process, and Mixed-Signal process, which presents remarkable yield performance and stable reliability.

A wide variety of application of 0.13um NeoBit IP can be found in program code storage, product ID code setting, security code setting, analog circuit trimming, and laser fuse redundancy for embedded SRAM. 0.13um NeoBit IP provides the memory density from couples of bits to 1 Mega-bits. For shooting kinds of application, NeoBit IP offers the read schemes with single (1.2V) or dual (1.2V/3.3V or 1.2V/2.5V) operation voltages. Besides, NeoBit IP also allows the programming operation done by external programming voltage source or internal charge pumping circuit. 0.13um NeoBit cell performs the programming operation with programming voltage below 6V and programming speed below 100usec for bit-by-bit, byte-by-byte or word-by-word programming. For the low bit count application, the IPs featuring equivalent functionality as conventional laser fuse or electrical fuse are available - the fuse-type NeoBit IP is ready for customer prototyping. Such fuse-type NeoBit IP performs low Vcc operation down to 1V with high access speed.

To date, 0.13um NeoBit has been verified by leading foundries and is being able to provide prototyping to customers worldwide. eMemory will persist in dedicating to NeoBit development for further application as well as customized IP design service in the future.