June 22,2005

eMemory's NeoBit NVM Raise a Milestone of 10,000 Wafer Production Volume

Hsinchu, Taiwan - (Jun. 22, 2005)- eMemory, the leading embedded non-volatile memory IP company, today announced the success of NeoBit OTP technology reaching over 10,000 wafer mass production volume in Chartered Semiconductor, attaining a significant milestone for eMemory and Chartered; providers of the OTP solutions. To-date, eMemory has engaged more than 60 customers worldwide, with no less than 100 different applications implemented with NeoBit OTP. This demonstrated the diversity and capability of eMemory NVM solution to address customers' product needs.

Since 2003, eMemory has begun close collaboration with IDMs and major foundries, striving for the integration with production processes to facilitate embedded solutions for display drivers, Microcontrollers, RFID and Fuse devices, all of which are in production.

The advantage of NeoBit OTP lies in the flexibility of enabling fine-tuning of critical parameters at the final stage of module assembly, thereby differentiating products upon customers' request. Moreover, NeoBit OTP provides customized IP that brings customers the benefit of cost effectiveness and time-saving as well as the edge of high performance and quality. The OTP solution is approved and is being adopted by numerous users in view of developed technique along with its superior reliability, serving as an access to building up customers' product competitiveness.

The NeoBit OTP, being based on Logic process, has the capability to scale with the migration of technologies, and, without compromise on performance with the addition of derivative modules like High-voltage, RF and mixed signal. This has been proven in technologies ranging from 0.5um to 0.13um, with various manufacturers. With the demonstrated success with proven production and reliability of OTP solution, while enabling customers' integration to meet the time to market, eMemory has established the OTP as a differentiating and manufacturable solution for embedded applications.