July 27,2010

eMemory Prevails to Become the First Automotive Grade OTP Provider to Automotive IC Makers

Hsinchu, Taiwan (July 27, 2010)-eMemory, the leading embedded non-volatile memory vendor, announces its automotive grade NeoBit OTP in 0.25um node passed reliability test in 2010 Q2 and thus prevails to become the first automotive grade OTP provider to automotive IC customers. In order to meet automotive IC customers' strict requirement for robust/reliable OTP and process platforms, eMemory aims to continue its innovative technology development by strengthening foundry partnerships and following through the target design roadmap.

Normal OTP was not commonly used in automotive IC, for automotive IC demands strict reliability standards such as operating temperature limited from -40℃ to 150℃, 125℃/10yr data retention ability, zero PPM failure rate and etc that ordinary OTP is unable to meet. eMemory's R&D team, however, made an astonishing technical breakthrough in enhancing its proprietary product, NeoBit OTP, to meet all the strict specifications required by automotive IC's designs. NeoBit OTP is the first available automotive grade OTP solution in the market and a remarkable extension of eMemory's product line, allowing customers to benefit from the most advanced embedded non-volatile memory technology and be able to increase the varieties of application designs.

According to Gartner's most recent forecast, the global market of automotive semiconductor device is estimated to reach 23.5% yearly growth, growing from 15.661 billion USD in 2009 to 19.334 billion USD in 2010. In response to this humongous market potential and the consequent strong demand for higher standard embedded non-volatile memory, eMemory, known for its excellent design quality and high yield in the OTP market, pioneered in providing automotive grade NeoBit OTP solutions for the use of trimming, coding, and data storage that can be applied to automobile safety system, instrument panel, automobile power window and rearview mirror adjustment device, power management, and engine control etc. The emergence of automotive grade NeoBit OTP will make it possible for automotive IC customer to create more than ever innovative applications at an incredible low cost.

eMemory president, Dr. Rick Shen, stated that "eMemory's timely success in automotive grade OTP technology development allows us to offer our automotive IC customers value-added, competitive solutions of high reliability at a much lower cost. eMemory will keep on close collaboration with foundry partners to provide our customers the most innovative design service and efficient technical support. Our ultimate goal is to establish a win-win-win scenario among eMemory, our foundry partner, and our customer."

As the leading OTP technology developer in the world, eMemory focuses not only the R&D of NeoBit OTP, NeoFlash, and NeoEE – eMemory's core technologies, but also long term strategic business cooperation with industry parties. With the recent accomplishment of introducing the first automotive grade OTP, which has demonstrated the market driven innovation and reliability recognition of its OTP technology, eMemory will soon provide a series of comprehensive automotive OTP applications to satisfy the worldwide automotive market needs.