July 07,2010

eMemory Announces Industry’s First and Only Green High Density OTP Solution

Hsinchu, Taiwan (July 07, 2010) –eMemory, a world leading NVM IP vendor, today announces the industry’s first and only 0.18um/3.3V Green High Density OTP solution as an enthusiastic and immediate response to the semiconductor industry’s recent call for green energy and environmental protection. By its supreme device development ability, eMemory has invented this unique technology to help customer reduce nearly 30% manufacturing cost and a large amount of energy consumption. The Green High Density OTP is particularly suitable for high density required applications, often in consumer electronics products, such as speech/voice ICs, remote control ICs, MCU and touch panel etc. eMemory’s Green High Density OTP solution is now available in Taiwan and China’s world class foundries, and going to extend rapidly to all process nodes, offering customers more and flexible capacity planning options.

The latest technology breakthrough brought by Green High Density OTP is a delightful outcome of eMemory’s market research, which discerns that most control ICs in consumer electronic products do not really require 1.8V device that has been a standard yet redundant built-in one. Following such market insight, eMemory’s Green High Density OTP is designed without 1.8V but only with 3.3V, helping customers simplify the overall design process and reduce mask layers from 27, as typically required, down to less than 15 mask layers. Not only could it largely cut down manufacturing cost by nearly 30%, but also reduce energy consumption, in response to the Semiconductor industry’s recent advocate of Green Energy and Environmental Protection. Moreover, Green High Density OTP’s cell size is 50% smaller than the original 0.18um OTP and can provide much higher density memory block, up to 10 Mbits, to increase customers’ wafer production efficiency as well as enhance customers’ product features with a much bigger storage to stay competitive in the market.

The Green High Density OTP builds on the expertise that eMemory gained with its core technology NeoBit – the industry’s most proven and reliable embedded NVM OTP IP. Its cell structure is as simple and easy to port, and has been successfully introduced into more than 30 product designs at a very high and stable yield. In addition to creating the best cost benefit for the customer, eMemory is highly concerned with the global environmental issues. Being part of the electronics and semiconductor industries, eMemory, together with fellow industry members, will keep making contribution to energy saving and carbon emission reduction with honor and humanity.