July 06,2015

eMemory Offers Logic NVM Solutions to Enhance IC Performance for Camera Modules

Hsinchu, Taiwan (July 6, 2015) – eMemory announced today that its Logic NVM solutions, One-Time Programmable (OTP) and Multiple-Time Programmable (MTP) silicon IPs feature low operating power, 125-150°C/10-year high-temperature data retention, and high security protection advantages. They can be applied to both commercial and automotive electronics to replace traditional poly-fuse and external EEPROM to enhance customers’ market competiveness as well as meet camera modules’ application demands. The camera module consists of CMOS Image Sensors (CIS), Image Signal Processors (ISP), Auto Focus (AF) Controllers, Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) Controllers, and Power Management ICs (PMIC). As global mobile devices, smart devices, and the IoT markets continue to flourish, the demand for camera modules surges; the expansion of eMemory in this domain is expected to bring the next wave of growth.

The common issues of traditional poly-fuse include large device size, high power consumption, and limited storage space, which restrict the development of camera modules. eMemory’s OTP silicon IP features high read speed and low operating power, suitable for CMOS Image Sensors (CIS) and Image Signal Processors (ISP) applications. It is ideal for poly-fuse replacement as it can be applied to functions such as identification, initial setup, lens shading correction, gamma correction, defective pixel correction, AF parameter setup, and key encryption. Embedded OTP silicon IP can prevent physical detection of the stored information and protect data and programs from being hacked, thereby improving the security of web-based cameras and monitors.

The external EEPROM traditionally used by camera modules has disadvantages including large footprint and additional power consumption as a result of the data transfer interface. eMemory’s MTP silicon IP is the perfect choice to resolve these issues as it features 10,000-100,000 endurances, high-temperature data retention ability, built-in charge pump, and low-operating power to enhance battery life. eMemory’s MTP silicon IP can be applied to AF and OIS Controllers for functions such as identity authentication and Voice Coil Motor (VCM) Driver setting. By replacing external EEPROM with embedded silicon IP, customers can further reduce production cost to boost market competitiveness.

eMemory’s Logic NVM solutions targeting camera module applications have been extensively deployed in many process generations. The development of NeoFuse OTP silicon IP has been completed and it has entered production in 0.11um to 55nm CIS processes. It is also available in 55nm to 28nm low power processes for advanced ISP applications. NeoBit OTP silicon IP is ready in 0.18um to 0.13um logic and BCD processes for PMIC applications, while NeoEE MTP silicon IP is available in 0.18um to 0.13um logic processes, providing highly reliable solutions for AF and OIS Controllers. The wide range of availabilities can facilitate customer deployments and speed up time-to-market, making eMemory’s solutions the best choice in aiding camera module vendors to grasp vast market opportunities.