August 05,2015

eMemory Integrates OTP and MTP to Offer Industry-Leading Combo and Hybrid Silicon IPs

Hsinchu, Taiwan (Aug. 5, 2015) – eMemory announced today the availability of industry-leading Combo and Hybrid solutions in addition to its logic-process-based OTPs and MTPs, providing customers with more diverse memory solutions. The Combo solution is a combination of individual OTP and MTP silicon IPs while the Hybrid solution is an integration of both types in a single silicon IP. Customers can select an OTP and an MTP from eMemory’s floating-gate product portfolios and customize Combo and Hybrid solutions to suit the desired applications. As viable replacements for external EEPROM or embedded flash, these solutions can reduce device dimensions, enhance read/write speed, and save up to 50% in production costs, making them the perfect choice for wearable, mobile communication, and IoT products.

ICs commonly used in consumer electronics require the use of OTP or MTP for command storage, parameter setting, and program access. Products with basic functions can use an OTP to reduce chipset cost while more complex devices will require a MTP. However, the limitations of existing solutions mean that design houses have to adopt expensive external EEPROM or eFlash processes that lead to higher costs and affect their product competitiveness.

In response to the market demand, eMemory now offers the highly competitive Combo and Hybrid solutions. Customers can select from over 800 eMemory silicon IPs to form a wide range of Combo solutions, which can maximize memory combinations and cost effectiveness. By replacing an expensive external 24C02 EEPROM with a Combo silicon IP in 8-bit MCUs, customers can save up to 50% of production costs, decrease power consumption and so prolong standby time, and enhance component read/write speed by factors of 100 and 16 times, respectively. Moreover, it can protect data from hacking, thereby enhancing information security.

The Hybrid solution integrates NeoBit and NeoMTP into a single silicon IP. By allowing the OTP and MTP to share circuits that perform the same functions, not only are the dimensions significantly reduced, but signal noise and power loss caused by signal transfer barriers among different IPs can also be eliminated. This solution helps customers convert the expensive eFlash process into logic processes or green processes with only 14-mask layers, further reducing production costs. Furthermore, by customizing the proportion of the OTP and MTP, customers can optimize IP dimensions, reduce test time, and increase product competiveness.

eMemory’s Combo and Hybrid solutions can enhance manufacturing flexibility, shorten development time, and optimize product cost, size, safety, and performance. Both solutions are compatible with logic processes without the need for additional masks and can be implemented at 8" foundries around the world where eMemory solutions are deployed, including 0.11–0.25um logic processes and logic-derived processes such as mixed-signal, Bipolar-CMOS-DMOS (BCD), high-voltage (HV) and green process platforms. Combo and Hybrid solutions are perfect for MCUs, radio frequency ICs (RFIC), SoCs, power management ICs (PMIC), fingerprint ICs, touch panel controllers, and touch with display driver ICs (TDDI) applications.