March 09,2016

eMemory Announces Innovative Solution for Cryptographic Security

Hsinchu, Taiwan (Mar. 09, 2016) – eMemory today announces its specialty NeoFuse IP for cryptographic security. This logic NVM solution is based on NeoFuse technology and offers a truly random physical source with high immunity to temperature and voltage variation. Features such as ideal randomness and uniform data distribution fully fulfill the demands of random seed generators for Physical Unclonable Function (PUF) applications.

eMemory’s innovative IP solution consists of special cell array architecture and certified secure circuits as the random seeds generator, and has been verified on the NeoFuse-qualified process platform. The generated random numbers are naturally determined by programmed characteristics, and the data population demonstrates ideal randomness and excellent reliability. Instead of using mismatching circuit or hardware noise to generate random seeds, eMemory’s specialty NeoFuse IP achieves a high degree of independence from process and environmental factors such as variations in temperature and voltage. 

Because it uses the same operation schemes for memory cells, the specialty NeoFuse IP requires no extra qualification on NeoFuse-qualified process platforms. In addition, it includes security features that withstand and further protect against invasive and non-invasive attacks. With its ease of implementation and comprehensive design, eMemory’s specialty NeoFuse IP is expected to be widely used to generate random cryptographic keys for secure data transmission, authorization identification, and data storage in a simple, flexible, and reliable way. 

Based on eMemory’s NeoFuse technology, this novel solution will play a significant role in security features such as authentication, encryption, and authorization for product applications in IoT, smart phone, smart car, smart card ICs, and bio-electronics.