July 13,2011

eMemory Offers eNVM IP in TSMC 80nm High-Voltage Technology

Hsinchu, Taiwan (Jul. 13, 2011)- Embedded non-volatile memory (eNVM) silicon intellectual property (SIP) vendor eMemory’s one-time programmable memory, NeoBit, has been qualified in TSMC’s 80nm high-voltage (HV) technology, and has been successfully incorporated in customers’ high-definition (HD) display driver ICs for next-generation smartphones. As mobile applications continue to evolve, HD displays will become an important feature a key differentiator for competitors in the smartphone industry.

NeoBit has demonstrated its usefulness as an OTP eNVM SIP solution in TSMC 80nm HV technology, providing HD display drivers with configurable parameter settings to calibrate on-screen colors and increase image sharpness for superior picture quality. To date, more than 2.6 million 8-inch equivalent wafers have been produced and shipped with NeoBit technology inside.

“We are very pleased that, with the advantages of TSMC’s 80nm high-voltage technology, eMemory can help customers create fully integrated smartphone HD display driver ICs with high reliability” said Suk Lee, director of Design Infrastructure Marketing at TSMC. “The result is another successful example of how TSMC’s Open Innovation Platform helps our IP partners maximize innovation for our joint customers.”

Rick Shen, President of eMemory, stated: “By working closely with TSMC, we have been able to get a very enthusiastic response from customers, who are eagerly adopting our OTP solution in TSMC 80nm high-voltage technology. We will continue to provide our customers with leading-edge OTP solutions, satisfying the needs of the next generation of handset, consumer and communication electronics.”