November 16,2022

eMemory Collaborates with Renesas on the Development of its Pure 5V OTP IP Using 130nm BCD Plus Process for Automotive Applications

Hsinchu Taiwan, November 16th, 2022 – eMemory Technology Inc. has collaborated with Renesas Electronics Corporation to develop a pure 5V OTP IP fabricated on TSMC’s 130nm BCD Plus process for automotive applications.

Previously, eMemory and Renesas have collaborated on the development and implementation of a wide array of IPs on TSMC’s BCD platforms, primarily for power management IC (PMIC), along with several other applications. They are now building on this collaboration to bring their solutions to the automotive market. With its need for highly reliable MCUs that combine low-voltage and superior security solutions, automotive applications have long been seeking a trusted BCD solution. eMemory now offers the required reliability and availability, with its BCD process coverage extending from 0.35μm to 90nm.

This pure 5V OTP IP on 130nm BCD Plus process for automotive applications reduces the number of masks which, in turn, reduces production costs. Additionally, this IP also meets the demand for high-temperature retention and operation in the BCD process. eMemory’s NeoBit IP is available on TSMC’s 130nm 5V BCD Plus process and supports up to 150 °C high-temp operations and 150 °C data retention. The SPEC of this project also fulfills AEC-Q100 grade 0.

“Moving 5V BCD into automotive feels like a natural progression for us. We’re building on our experience with PMIC, and we certainly understand this technology’s intricacies. We also know the importance of collaboration. If you want to push the boundaries including Design-for-Test, you need to assemble a great engineering team, and we have that with Renesas. We’re thrilled to be on this journey with them.” said Michael Ho, President of eMemory Technology Inc.

“As a provider of automotive semiconductor products, we must ensure that all our parts meet the stringent performance and reliability requirements of the automotive industry,” said Vivek Bhan, Senior Vice President and Deputy General Manager of the Automotive Solution Business Unit at Renesas. “By collaborating with eMemory, who provides trusted floating gate memory technology, we deliver an automotive-grade OTP memory solution for our PMICs, based on a proof-of-concept design that offers robust performance, enhanced reliability, and unmatched testing capabilities.”

eMemory’s OTP and MTP solutions, as well as their combined NVM IPs, can now be adopted for various automotive applications on TSMC’s 130nm pure 5V BCD Plus processes. As a result, the company anticipates a more secure and reliable future for the industry, with eMemory’s logic NVM solutions widely embedded.