June 08,2021

eMemory and PUFsecurity Join DARPA Toolbox Initiative

eMemory and PUFsecurity to provide IP solutions to research teams supporting US defense research and development

Hsinchu, Taiwan (June 8, 2021) –eMemory, the world’s leading supplier of intellectual property for NVM and security solutions at the semiconductor level, today announced a partnership agreement with the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to enable furthering of accelerated technology innovation for the agency’s programs.

The agreement makes eMemory’s NeoFuse, NeoPUF and the advanced, integrated PUF-based security IP of its subsidiary, PUFsecurity, especially in advanced semiconductor process nodes, available to the researchers behind DARPA programs. They can now avail themselves of the integration of PUF, OTP, trng and other essentials found in PUFsecurity’s flagship security solutions which have been proven popular with chip designers, and are likewise well suited for the mission-critical applications and conditions often faced by DARPA’s researchers. Designers will find integration of anti-tampered Root of Trust to be fast and easy.

eMemory’s patented PUF (Physical Unclonable Function) technology uses micro variations and characteristics produced during the fabrication of a chip to create an inherent fingerprint. Like human fingerprints, each PUF is unique and cannot be simulated, copied or changed. eMemory’s PUF is an ideal form of reliable identification that has been widely used for a root of trust, generation of secret keys, digital signatures and other security applications.

With NeoPUF and PUF-based solutions, chip designers can generate truly random sequences for applications with high security requirements. Inherent radiation hardness and superior hamming weight and hamming distance without the need for pre- and post-processing, add to the attributes.

In addition to PUF solutions, eMemory’s NeoFuse will be included in this program. eMemory’s NeoFuse is a small-form factor non-volatile memory technology with the advantages of low-power operation, high reliability and strong security.

“This latest partnership agreement with DARPA adds to the increasing global recognition of our security solutions,” said Rick Shen, President at eMemory. “We anticipate that more companies and organizations will adopt chip-level security as the strongest safeguard of electronic systems at this time when cybersecurity issues continue unabated worldwide.”

The DARPA Toolbox initiative is an agency-wide effort to provide open licensing opportunities with commercial technology vendors to the researchers behind DARPA programs. Through DARPA Toolbox, defense contractors will receive greater access to commercial vendors’ technologies and tools via pre-negotiated, low-cost, non-production access frameworks and simplified legal terms. For commercial vendors, DARPA Toolbox will provide an opportunity to leverage the agency’s forward-looking research and a chance to develop new revenue streams based on programmatic achievements developed with their technologies.

“With eMemory joining DARPA’s Toolbox Initiative we are adding OTP (one time programmable) memories and unique identity enabling PUF (physical unclonable function)- related security solution IP’s.” said Serge Leef, Program Manager, leading DARPA Toolbox. “Our researchers can use these IPs to accelerate development for their projects.”

eMemory is among a select group of technology companies that have engaged in partnership under DARPA Toolbox.