September 22,2020

【PUFsecurity News】PUFsecurity Opens North American Office to Tap Chip Security Market

Los Gatos, California (September 22, 2020) – PUFsecurity, a leading provider of semiconductor intellectual property (IP) for PUF-based security solutions, is opening its first office in North America to meet growing demand from chip designers.

Based in Silicon Valley, PUFsecurity USA Corporation is well-situated to service the growing IoT, enterprise and automotive verticals.

Appointed to head the operation as CVP & GM, North America, is semiconductor IP industry veteran Dave Sinofsky. With 30-plus years of experience, Dave has held business development, licensing and sales leadership positions with established IP industry leaders such as ARM and Artisan Components, as well as young, high energy startups.

“It’s my honor to lead the expansion of PUFsecurity’s footprint in the security-savvy North America market,” Sinofsky said. “We’re already seeing widespread enthusiasm for our quantum tunneling-based flagship products, PUFrt and PUFiot. With their ease and speed of integration, superior hamming weight, hamming distance and no need for pre- and post-processing, the advantages are clear and important. As an eMemory company, we also embody the commercial viabilities that customers need from their IP partner.”

The company expects North America to be one of its fastest growing markets as more companies making IoT products and other internet devices seek ways to safeguard their equipment from hacking. The initial customer response to PUFsecurity’s IP products has been positive.

PUFsecurity designs IP using the proprietary NeoPUF of its parent company, eMemory, to develop solutions for chip designers based on this unique chip-fingerprinting technology. PUFsecurity works with customers to safeguard system security by providing PUF-based root-of-trust and advanced hardware security solutions including IPs such as PUFrt (root-of-trust), PUFuid (unique ID), PUFkeyst (key storage), PUFenc (data encryption), as well as the latest PUFiot.

PUFiot is designed for a wide range of security applications. It supports unique ID generation and storage, key processing, key generation and key storage, real-time or indirect key protection, hierarchical key creation and advanced management, chip-secure activation, and local key encryption to protect assets such as algorithms and trade secrets from illegal copying. It also supports cryptographic computations and functions of authentication, data protection, and digital signature. Moreover, it complies with the transport layer security (TLS) communication protocol to strengthen trusted execution environment (TEE) security.

The main advantage of PUFiot is its secure boundary, known as the PUF realm, confining a key in a secure location where no software or CPU can touch it. In addition, PUFiot’s hardware accelerator functions as a coprocessor to support a CPU to perform security functions. The internal keys of PUFiot are clearly defined and controlled by hardware.

To help customers easily add chip security functions to their system, PUFsecurity has released an evaluation trial kit for PUFiot as part of the company’s IP Go program. Customers interested in testing PUFiot can browse the IP Go webpage and download the trial kit for free to experience the comprehensive functions of PUFiot themselves. “eMemory has cooperated with PUFsecurity to launch the world’s first quantum tunneling PUF for a chip fingerprint and developed PUFiot, a unique high-security, high-performance, easy-to-use, low-cost solution for chip security,” said eMemory and PUFsecurity’s Chairman Charles Hsu. “We expect it to be widely used in various IoT devices in 5G applications”