March 16,2020

eMemory Launches Reprogrammable NVM Solution on TSMC Platform

NeoMTP Qualified on TSMC’s Third-Generation 0.18μm BCD Process Technology

Hsinchu, Taiwan (March 16, 2020) –eMemory, the world’s leading provider of intellectual property for non-volatile memory, today announced that its NeoMTP has been qualified on TSMC’s Third-Generation 0.18μm Bipolar-CMOS-DMOS (BCD) process to provide IoT power-management solutions and cost competitiveness.

eMemory’s NeoMTP is a popular choice for chip designers making products for power management in USB Type-C devices and wireless chargers. TSMC provides foundry's most comprehensive and competitive Bipolar-CMOS-DMOS (BCD) Power Management process technologies. Today’s new implementation of NeoMTP on TSMC Third-Generation 0.18μm BCD Process offers IC designers the advantages of higher integration, smaller footprint and lower power consumption.

Wireless charging has become a standard feature for mobile devices and in other types of IoT applications. Demand is growing for SoC controllers that combine an MCU and a power stage with integrated memory for code storage. NeoMTP is perfectly suited for such designs.

Compared with more traditional OTP or external EEPROM solutions, a wireless charger controller with MTP provides more flexible programmability and less system design redundancy.

“eMemory is the leading NVM choice in the power-management field,” said Michael Ho, eMemory Vice President of Business Development. “Our NeoMTP on TSMC’s Third-Generation 0.18μm BCD Process brings forward some unique features which provide designers with significant advantages in these fast-growing markets.”

The unique features of the NeoMTP IP include low testing cost because no wakeup is necessary. It can also be easily mass programmed. Fast PGM/chip ERS and multi-DUT testing capability are also supported.

Other features of NeoMTP include:

- Full compatibility with the standard CMOS logic process

- Wide operating voltage range

- High reliability and high-temperature operation

- Data retention for more than 10 years after 1,000 write cycles

NeoMTP density reaches an upper limit of 8K32, allowing features like I/O numbers to be customized to meet different requirements without the need to add extra masks.

eMemory has provided NeoMTP on TSMC’s Third-Generation 0.18μm BCD platform to help design houses achieve working silicon all in one go, thereby improving time to market.

About eMemory eNVM Solutions on TSMC Processes Technologies

eMemory has been successfully working with TSMC, the world’s largest foundry, to deploy its eNVM solutions on TSMC’s BCD process technologies tailored for emerging power management applications. NeoMTP is currently under development on TSMC’s 90nm BCD, and is expected to pass qualification in the near future.

eMemory qualified its NeoBit OTP on TSMC’s Third-Generation 0.18μm BCD Process in 2017 and has had an outstanding production record with that IP solution.

eMemory has collaborated with TSMC since 2003, and has received TSMC OIP Partner of the Year Award for 10 consecutive years in the category of Embedded Memory IP since 2010. The result of the long-term collaboration between eMemory and TSMC enables their mutual customers to have licensed NeoBit, NeoFuse, NeoEE and NeoMTP IPs for fabrication across a broad range of TSMC platforms.