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December 09,2019

eNVM - FPGA Security for AI Applications

eMemory, the chip industry’s leading NVM IP provider, has developed security solutions for field programmable gate array (FPGA) products that lock data at the hardware level.

Our IP reduces the vulnerability of systems using FPGAs. We have combined our proprietary NeoFuse and NeoPUF IPs to secure self-encrypted data storage by generating a random number used as a key from a physical unclonable function (PUF)-based source. This security-enhancing feature achieves chip-level protection against data breaches and chip counterfeiting.

NeoFuse, an antifuse-based one-time programmable (OTP) memory, is an embedded solution that’s reliable and secure. The IP achieves high yields at advanced and more-than-Moore technology nodes in all major foundries. NeoPUF is a hardware security technology based on physical unclonable variations occurring in the silicon manufacturing processes. The random numbers generated from NeoPUF technology create unique silicon fingerprints for chips that can be used for identification, authentication and encryption.

NeoFuse uses oxide rupture technology and is inherently invisible, free from radiation damage and resistant to invasive and non-invasive attacks. It is the best embedded memory medium for highly valuable FPGA products used in leading-edge, sensitive applications in fields such as AI, military, aerospace or government. Users can store phase 0 boot code or bitstream HASH data in NeoFuse to execute secure boot flow and integrity checks to prevent malware attacks.

NeoPUF provides multiple layers of defense for protecting FPGA bitstream secrecy and integrity. First, security keys that are used to encrypt bitstreams can be generated or encrypted through this unique chip fingerprint. Second, NeoPUF can work with AES engines at the secure boot stage to trigger a bitstream's authentication function. Furthermore, RSA or ECDSA authentication protocols can also benefit from NeoPUF's activation of decryption and authentication hardware.

Solutions for multilayer security protection in FPGAs

Extreme safety with unique chip fingerprint

Blocking IC de-cap or malicious code dumping

Logic compatible and ready for advanced processes

eMemory’s NeoPUF meets the gold standards of randomness, uniqueness and robustness for security chips. NeoPUF easily combines with encryption/decryption algorithms and authentication protocols to provide comprehensive security functions. eMemory’s NeoFuse technology is perfect for security key and ID storage. The physical properties of NeoFuse make programmed and non-programmed memory cells almost invisible. Our circuit design also prevents stored code from dumping without authorization. eMemory’s NeoFuse IPs are available on standard logic process platforms with no additional masks, providing chip designers the advantages of advanced process availability, design portability and low-power performance.

Securing source codes in FPGA systems is a critical part of architecture design. eMemory’s security IP ensures that FPGA products always bundle a silicon-embedded chip identifier and a secret random number source for cryptographic applications to enhance the security of an entire system.

PUF-based key encryption and management functions are the best way to protect software and hardware from malicious attacks or illegitimate cloning. NeoFuse and NeoPUF can be constructed as a strong hardware root of trust for security applications including key provision, authentication, secure boot and data encryption in an FPGA system. eMemory’s integration of NeoFuse and NeoPUF boosts the security capabilities of FPGAs at the component level in an electronic device.

The security IP used in a FinFET process integrates 64K bits of OTP storage and 4K bits for a secret random number source. eMemory’s NeoPUF technology provides a large entropy source and achieves a zero failure rate without the use of any helper data. With its superior performance, eMemory’s security IP is poised for wide adoption in FPGA products to fulfill growing demands for security.

eMemory provides a wide range of eNVM IPs and security solutions for state-of-the-art bitstream storage and chip protection.

eMemory has collaborated closely with the world’s leading foundries to deliver reliable NVM IPs and services across a range of process technologies for FPGAs. NeoFuse has qualified on a 7 nm process successfully and recently taped out on the most advanced 5 nm process.