September 24,2019

eMemory Wins 2019 TSMC IP Partner of the Year Award

Hsinchu, Taiwan (September 24, 2019) – eMemory, the world’s largest IP provider of logic-based embedded non-volatile memory (Logic NVM), announced today that it has received TSMC 2019 Open Innovation Platform® (OIP) “Embedded Memory IP Partner of the Year Award.” The award ceremony was held on September 26 in Santa Clara, California at TSMC 2019 Open Innovation Platform® Ecosystem Forum.

The selection criteria for the award includes customer feedback, TSMC9000 compliance, the number of customer tape-outs and number of wafers shipped.

The partnership between eMemory and TSMC began in 2003. Since then, eMemory customers have licensed NeoBit, NeoFuse, NeoEE and NeoMTP IPs to fabricate across a broad range of TSMC platforms.

In recent years, eMemory has collaborated closely with TSMC to deliver reliable NVM IPs and services across a range of TSMC process technologies. Most recently, eMemory has completed characterization of its NeoFuse IP on TSMC’s N7 process. NeoFuse is qualified on TSMC’s 12nm and 22nm platforms and recently taped out on TSMC’s most advanced N5 process.

eMemory is developing comprehensive NVM solutions including both one-time programmable and multiple time programmable options on the 90nm BCD+ process.

"eMemory’s comprehensive IP portfolio, high quality technical support and services make it a valuable ecosystem partner to deliver advanced NVM IP solutions on TSMC’s process technologies,” said Suk Lee, TSMC senior director, Design Infrastructure Management Division. “We are pleased to present this award to eMemory, and look forward to continuing our long-term collaboration in helping our mutual customers unleash their silicon innovations.”

eMemory President Rick Shen says, "Based on the long-term partnership and collaboration between eMemory and TSMC, I am very honored that we have received TSMC’s IP Partner of the Year Award. It represents positive feedback for eMemory and a vote of confidence from customers in the quality of eMemory products, technology and services."

To date, over 435 of eMemory’s silicon IPs have been deployed on TSMC’s industry-leading process technologies and platforms. In addition, the company has completed more than 1,430 new tape-outs. Over 13 million eMemory-IP-embedded wafers have been shipped on TSMC’s platforms for a broad range of applications, including IoT, smartphones, automotive systems and consumer electronics.