July 18,2006

NeoBit OTP in HV Process Improves Yield and Functionality

Hsinchu, Taiwan - (Jul. 18, 2006) - eMemory Technology Inc. announces the launch of NeoBit one-time programmable (OTP) intellectual property (IP) on 0.15-micron high voltage process. eMemory, the leading provider of embedded non-volatile memory IP, extends comprehensive NeoBit solutions in high voltage process covering 0.6-micron, 0.5-micron, 0.35-micron, 0.25-micron, 0.22-micron, 0.18-micron and 0.15-micron, which are slated to be silicon-verified in worldwide foundries and IDMs.

NeoBit OTP in HV process aims for circuit trimming and design parameter tuning in HV process-manufactured IC's, such as LCD driver IC, analog IC and power management IC. Its in-field and on-chip programmability not only allows chip developers and users to adjust critical parameters for module quality improvement after package or assembly, NeoBit OTP in HV process also helps improve production yield and chip capability, realizing customization to meet users' exact specifications. In addition, NeoBit OTP in HV process can be used for program code storage, such that smart power management IC of great market potential can benefit from this IP with great flexibility and easy code access.

According to iSuppli, the market for LCD driver IC accounted to an estimated US$370 million for an increase of 120% from 2004 and will continue to grow rapidly. Other market researchers predict that the power management IC market will rise to US$15 billion at a compound annual growth rate of 15%. These flourishing markets have prompted eMemory to collaborate with worldwide foundries to offer verified NeoBit technology with customized circuit design service. Due to the high portability and simplicity of NeoBit OTP in HV process, IC products with this IP inside have accumulated for over 50,000 wafers in the past three years.

In view of the emerging demands in advanced semiconductor technology, eMemory has been collaborating with foundries to develop NeoBit OTP in HV process of next generation, meanwhile continues offering reliable design service to customers. The complete roadmap and instant technical support are the testimony of eMemory's commitment towards continuous innovation to provide cost-effective and high-performance IP solutions.