August 24,2006

Silterra and eMemory Offer CMOS Logic-Based OTP Memories

On-Chip Programmability Enhances Product Flexibility

Kulim, Malaysia and Hsinchu, Taiwan - (Aug. 24, 2006) - Silterra Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. and eMemory Technology today announced that the companies have verified the NeoBit one-time-programmable (OTP) memory on Silterra's 0.18-micron CL180G and CL180H CMOS process technologies. Silterra, a prominent wafer foundry based in Malaysia, and eMemory, a leading provider of embedded non-volatile memory intellectual property (IP), have also collaborated on the 0.13-micron CL130G version of the design, which is ready for silicon validation.

eMemory's NeoBit OTP memory technology is compatible with most CMOS logic processes and does not require additional process steps. The NeoBit, with its on-chip programmability, high density, excellent reliability and low power consumption characteristics, is a better solution than traditional ROM and fuse blocks for data storage for many applications. Wireless network, mobile handset, RFID chip and many consumer products are some of the applications that could benefit from the added flexibility of customization.

"Field programmable memories have become an integral part of many designs from our customers," said Kevin Bligh, Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing for Silterra. "Products can be customized prior to shipment or in the field to meet the user's exact specifications. The ability to tailor a single product for multiple target markets, or being able to program the product to fit a specific customer application adds tremendous value to the chip suppliers. The NeoBit memory is an excellent match with our logic and high-voltage process technologies. We already have customers using these IP blocks in our 0.18-micron processes and soon in the 0.13-micron technology as well."

The custom designed memory blocks for Silterra's CL180G, CL180H, and CL130G processes are completely self-contained for easy integration. The architecture supports a wide range of configurations from several bits up to one megabit of capacity.

"In the communication and consumer electronics market segments, manufacturability and time-to-market are critical factors for the success of the products," said Charles Hsu, President of eMemory. "We are pleased to partner with outstanding semiconductor foundries such as Silterra to provide cost-effective and high-performance IP solutions to help customers' quest of decisive advantage. With this collaboration, Silterra and eMemory have laid the foundation for the complete programmable logic IP portfolio access to the global design community."

In addressing the fast-moving trend of the semiconductor industry, eMemory and Silterra have cooperated to develop advanced embedded non-volatile memory to serve the needs of worldwide customers for better design flexibility, improved yield, increased functionality, and faster time-to-market.

The NeoBit OTP memory blocks for Silterra's 0.18-micron process are available now. The 0.13-micron version is scheduled for Q4 2006. Customers can request for the exact configurations directly from eMemory or contact Silterra.