October 03,2006

NJRC Adopts eMemory's OTP to Accelerate Development of Design

Programmability Enhances Design Flexibility and Product Functionality

Tokyo, Japan and Hsinchu, Taiwan - October 3, 2006 - New Japan Radio Co. Ltd, the excellent provider of audio IC and eMemory Technology Inc., the leading provider of embedded non-volatile memory intellectual property (IP), announces their collaboration to unveil NJRC's NJU26040 digital signal processor (DSP) with eMemory's NeoBit one-time programmable (OTP) IP inside. The DSP with built-in OTP is now available for audio applications.

eMemory's NeoBit OTP memory technology can be built on any process platform, such as logic, analog, mixed-mode, high voltage, RF, SiGe, BCD, etc., without adding additional masking step to the existing process technology. With the on-chip/ on-system programmability, structure simplicity, excellent reliability and low power consumption characteristics, NeoBit is a better solution than Mask ROM and laser/electrical fuse blocks for program code and information data storage. Products could benefit from the added flexibility provided by NeoBit to realize customization.

"A non-volatile programmable device using pure logic processes offers faster development cycle, lower cost, and shorter time-to-market to many designs." said Charles Hsu, the President of eMemory. "NJU26040 with NeoBit inside can be customized right before shipment to meet the user's exact specifications. Tailoring a single product for multiple target markets, or being able to fit the product to a specific customer, adds a lot of values to chip users."

"While planning the DSP built-in OTP, We have known eMemory's NeoBit one-time programmable which can be incorporated without changing the existing process's recipe and realized that the product with this IP could satisfy the market needs." said Mr. Seto, the executive of NJRC. "And eMemory's marvelous support helped us to launch the NJU26040 into the market earlier."

The NJU26040 with built-in OTP is DSP specialized in audio processing field. It can help customers to shorten TAT, make small lot product with the DSP, and realize customers' original sound easily because customers can incorporate variety of sound effect in NJU26040 from NJRC's sound technical libraries, such as various 3D surround sound, sound enhancement, and so on. The NJU26040 is suitable for TV, mini-component, speakers system and other audio/visual products.

NJRC and eMemory have cooperated to develop advanced DSP with OTP core toward continuous innovation to provide fast time-to-market and high-performance solutions.