May 27,2008

eMemory Cooperate with Fujitsu to Offer 0.18um HV and Logic Embedded NVM Technology


Hsinchu, Taiwan, (May 27, 2008) - eMemory announces the success of Fujitsu Microelectronics Limited(FML)'s 0.18um HV and Logic processes platform construction embedding eMemory NeoBit non-volatile memory IP, which leads FML to an outstanding professional IDM/Foundry service provider. The 0.18um NeoBit technology is widely applied in MCU, LCD Driver IC, Power Management IC (PMIC), and Analog IC products. Such mature 0.18um technology is adopted in extensive product lines of HV and Logic processes.

FML aggressively constructs flash memory, embedded non-volatile memory, and HV device platform. Through strategic cooperation with eMemory, FML accomplishes the 0.18um HV and Logic processes integration and mass production, further approving FML's capability of developing advanced memory technology. "We are pleased to introduce eMemory's NeoBit OTP into our 0.18um process and we are satisfied with their low-cost reliable technology. We will offer the optimum cost-effective non-volatile memory to meet our customers' needs by combination of our 0.18um technology and NeoBit OTP," said Tatsuya Yamazaki, vice president, ASIC/COT business of Fujitsu Microelectronics Limited.

NeoBit OTP device is used for parameters tuning and yield improvement after wafer packaged or moduled, which increases production flexibility and optimizes customization. "eMemory has been closely collaborating with wafer foundries and IDM for advanced processes and variety of application to create high value-added business model. In the future, eMemory will continue strategic partnership with FML to broaden the width and depth of NeoBit OTP market and devote to long-term steady technical support and design service to customers." Said Charles Hsu, the president of eMemory.

With stable mass production in HV and Logic processes, FML will target MCU, LCD Driver IC, Power Management IC, and Analog IC products manufacturing services. eMemory and FML will continuously cooperate toward advanced technology and expand product application in the near future.