November 26,2008

eMemory 0.13um OTP Used in LCD Driver Mass Production at TSMC

Hsinchu, Taiwan (November 26, 2008) - eMemory Technology announces the success of 0.13um embedded Non-Volatile Memory volume production at tsmc, which ramps the logic and high-voltage processes to advanced nodes. The application can be found in a variety of consumer products such as small-panel LCD Driver IC, Digital TV, Set Top Box, GPS, and PC Camera Controller, originated from worldwide customers including Europe, United States, Taiwan, and China.

For the time being, the production of small panel LCD driver ICs mainly focuses on 0.18um and 0.16um processes. As capacity of 0.13um wafers (gross die) doubles 0.18um process, many foundries are targeting 0.13um high-voltage process development to respond to market's demands. eMemory have entered the stage of mass production of 0.13um embedded NVM at tsmc, and of completeness in constructing TSMC 0.13um OTP 1.5V/6V/32V high-voltage platform and 0.13um OTP Fuse availability, providing application for high efficiency small panel LCD driver IC in terms of enhancement of customers' competitiveness. To date, 0.13um NeoBit technology has been applied to more than thousands of wafers of small panel LCD driver IC.

eMemory's NeoBit embedded NVM technology and NeoBit Fuse circuit design replace traditional fuse device and enable parameter tuning by one-time programming or multiple programmable/ erasable function without process changes or redundant verification, and further fine tune color parameters and resolution of dynamic pictures of display driver IC at the final module and package stage. As CMOS technology progresses and the tolerance of device variance reduces, the conventional embedded NVM process cannot be integrated into advanced CMOS process due to parameter variation and extra mask. eMemory's NeoBit technology is compatible with 0.13 um CMOS process, featuring steady yield, high reliability, and process flexibility, all are key factors of promoting rapid mass production.

Along with the production of 0.13um embedded programmable NVM technology, eMemory will be ceaselessly engaged in the solution to advanced processes. In the meantime, the verification of 90nm logic embedded NVM technology is ongoing in leading foundries, aiming at high speed logic production and extensive applications.