July 29,2009

eMemory’s NeoBit OTP Reaches 1 Million Wafer Production Mark ; IP Solutions for 65 nm Processes Launched

Hsinchu, Taiwan (July 29, 2009) - eMemory, a leading vendor of embedded non-volatile memory technologies, announced today that the number of wafers incorporating NeoBit OTP has now surpassed 1 million pieces in mass production. NeoBit OTP supports a broad range of processes, including logic, high-voltage, SiGe, RF and mixed-signal processes, finding broad application in products such as digital consumer electronics ICs, LCD driver ICs, microcontrollers, power management ICs, and timing controller ICs. In addition, eMemory is actively developing technology for advanced processes, extending its reach to 65nm technology. At present, verification has already been completed in Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing, with mass production projected to begin in Q4 2009 for high-end IC products with exceptional market promise.

eMemory’s NeoBit OTP is fully compatible with logic processes, and customers can easily port the technology to a new generation of products while maintaining current device features. Compared to that in 90nm technology, NeoBit OTP in 65nm technology is a major technological breakthrough further reducing power consumption and shrinking cell size by 35% while maintaining advantages such as low cost and high reliability. Moreover, NeoBit OTP increases design flexibility and allows faster time-to-market. Currently, NeoBit OTP in 65nm technology has been verified in Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing and will soon be used in high-end IC products with great potential market impact, such as identification/encryption chips, WiMax and Bluetooth modules, Set-Top Box for digital televisions, and HDMI devices.

Though it has been just four years since mass-produced wafers incorporating NeoBit OTP reached the 10,000-piece milestone, this number has already grown a remarkable 100-fold, surpassing the 1 million mark in 2009. eMemory chairman and president Charles Hsu remarked, “We’re extremely pleased that by working closely with our customers around the world, we’ve been able to so quickly reach our goal of 1 million mass-produced wafers with NeoBit OTP. This achievement not only proves NeoBit OTP’s appeal in the market, but also demonstrates the maturity and reliability of our technology. NeoBit OTP has shown that it can reduce our customers’ production costs and enhance product competitiveness, which is why it has been adopted by so many companies around the world.”

eMemory is the only company in Taiwan specializing in silicon intellectual property licensing and showing profit growth. Its proprietary embedded non-volatile memory technology ranks first worldwide in market share and adoption rate. In the future, following on the successful mass production of NeoBit OTP and NeoFlash (SONOS flash), eMemory will continue close collaboration with global semiconductor foundries and integrated device manufacturers to help develop comprehensive embedded non-volatile memory IP solutions for next-generation technologies. Presently, there are more than 25 leading semiconductor manufacturers who are licensees of eMemory technology, including Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing, Vanguard International Semiconductor Corporation, Renesas Technology, Toshiba Corporation, and Fujitsu Electronics Inc., with more than 250 IC design companies worldwide utilizing eMemory’s embedded non-volatile memory technology.