September 23,2009

eMemory Breaks New Ground in Launching Its Industrial Grade Embedded NVM for Power Management Solution

Hsinchu, Taiwan (Sep 23, 2009)- eMemory, the leading embedded non-volatile memory (NVM) Intellectual Property (IP) developer today announces its NeoBit OTP (One Time Programmable) memory has reached higher temperature stability up to maximum 125℃ for minimum 10 years data retention (125℃/10yrs). The 125℃/10yrs NeoBit is the first logic OTP memory solution that has passed 0.35um BCD process qualification and entered into commerce in volume production in TSMC, which can meet the integrated power management ICs’ extended temperature and reliability standards, and thus satisfy the power management IC customer’s various application needs for industrial use. eMemory aims to complete the qualification of 125℃/10yrs NeoBit OTP in 0.25um and 0.18um BCD process by the end of 2009 in order to provide a complete BCD process platform to help its power management IC customers quickly react to their increasing market demand.

eMemory’s NeoBit OTP has been widely used by global customers in power management IC related products, such as battery management ICs, voltage regulators, and wireless communication equipments, for the purposes of analog circuit performance adjustment, accuracy enhancement, and code storage etc.. With its testability, NeoBit OTP offers the best replacement for the traditional metal and poly fuse which are not testable before shipping. NeoBit OTP is fully compatible with logic process with no additional mask and process step required, and therefore can be easily introduced into BCD process. As a result, NeoBit OTP helps the power management IC customers shorten time-to-market and improve product performance and yield at a lower cost. In order to further fulfill customer’s request for higher temperature stability of embedded non-volatile memory solution, eMemory’s R&D team made a successfully technical breakthrough in advancing NeoBit OTP data retention ability to 125℃/10yrs that meets the industrial standard. Not only does it retain the original features, NeoBit OTP can now be applied to industrial power management IC products that has higher standard of specifications, such as electrical motor, automated electronics, and SoC related solution, to help minimize the difficulties in integrating power management IC application into finishing products. Soon eMemory will tap into automotive market with NeoBit being applied into various process platforms, from high to basic level of product applications, and hence offer customers a full range of services.

In response to the huge market potential of power management ICs, eMemory’s chairman, Dr. Charles Hsu stated, “eMemory provides a series of NeoBit OTP IP solutions for power management ICs that helps our customers achieve extraordinary results in cost, density, reliability, and security. 125℃/10yrs NeoBit OTP’s data retention ability has been proved by strict high temperature stability test and verification. Its high performance and reliability allow our customers to meet their very aggressive power targets, and therefore, support our customer in developing a wider range of features and applications in their future products.” In the near future, 125℃/10yrs NeoBit OTP targets to be an integral part of electrical device applications in automotive industry, which requires extended reliability and higher performance in the power management ICs, and therefore becomes a total solution provider to our power management IC customers.

eMemory has been dedicated to developing logic non-volatile memory technology, providing secure, dense and reliable non-volatile, one-time programmable (OTP) memory IP solutions. In the future, eMemory will continue to cooperate with foundries to develop various process platforms and IC design application in order to provide most cost-efficient OTP IP services to meet customer needs in all kinds of application and diverse industries.