March 10,2010

eMemory Collaborates with MagnaChip to Offer 0.11um HV Embedded NVM Technology

Hsinchu, Taiwan and Seoul, Korea, (Mar. 10, 2010)- eMemory, a leading vendor of embedded non-volatile memory technologies and MagnaChip Semiconductor Ltd., a leading Asia-based designer and manufacturer of analog and mixed-signal semiconductor products for high volume consumer applications, today jointly announced the successful porting of eMemory’s NeoBit OTP (One Time Programmable) 0.11um high-voltage embedded NVM at MagnaChip and upcoming mass production in Q1 2010. Such collaboration ramps MagnaChip’s high-voltage process to an advanced node, which allows MagnaChip to provide more efficient applications at a much lower cost in products of LCD Driver IC and Power Management IC originated from worldwide customers. The advanced 0.11um HV process platform can satisfy customer needs for reliable embedded NVM devices in their new product designs.

The high-voltage NVM process node mainly offers application of LCD Driver IC and Power Management IC. The application can be found in a variety of consumer products such as mid-to-small sized TFT-LCD panel, mobile devices, and LED lighting, which can all benefit from eMemory’s NeoBit OTP NVM technology to significantly enhance production flexibility as well as shorten time-to-market. To date, eMemory and MagnaChip have successfully cooperated in 0.35um, 0.18um, 0.15um, and 0.13um logic, analog and HV processes, providing OTP NVM solutions which have been broadly used by customers from Taiwan, Korea, Europe and China.

NeoBit OTP embedded NVM is eMemory’s proprietary technology which was chosen as one of MagnaChip’s complementary technologies. It has a simple and robust structure, high reliability, and is fully compatible with existing processes without extra layer cost and device changes, which can lead to easy design integration. After accredited verifications, NeoBit’s reliability and design flexibility have proven better than competing technologies. eMemory’s competitive strengths meet MagnaChip’s specifications to enhance product functionality and manufacturing operation, which has strengthened this strategic business partnership in recent years. eMemory strives to improve service quality and the efficiency of its technical support. With customer service excellence, eMemory can help customers realize higher success rates in the product design phase, as well as significant yield improvement in the mass production phase. MagnaChip is now an important strategic business partner to eMemory in the Korean market.

In the future, eMemory and MagnaChip will strive to make gains in not only providing advanced process solutions but also in providing new process expansion (i.e. HV in different operating voltages), offering extensive embedded NVM options for niche market customers to increase product competitiveness.

TJ Lee, Senior Vice President of MagnaChip’s Semiconductor Manufacturing Services Engineering, commented “It’s our goal to create the most innovative and cost-effective manufacturing solutions for our customers. The combination of MagnaChip’s manufacturing expertise and eMemory’s NeoBit NVM together will offer customers the best solution in the marketplace.”

Dr. Rick Shen, President of eMemory, stated “We are delighted by the continuance of the extending and close cooperation with MagnaChip. Combining both parties’ embedded non-volatile memory IP and process expertise, we will be able to provide the most reliable and cost-competitive HV process platform to our end customers.