May 05,2010

eMemory Caters to Market Needs and Offers a Complete Set of Multiple-Times-Programmable (MTP) Embedded Non-Volatile Memory Solutions

Hsinchu, Taiwan (May 05, 2010) –eMemory's NeoBit OTP technology has been implementing into almost all process platforms in worldwide foundries. Just as NeoBit technology's fast growth has gained significant market share to retain number one popularization in the global OTP market, eMemory foresaw the future market needs and endeavored to the development of advanced embedded non-volatile memory technology, catering to customer needs with MTP solutions for large density and high endurance at a much lower cost.

Unlike the traditional MTP solutions such as Flash and EEPROM, which intimidate potential users with its complicated process, incompatibility with logic process, long phase-in period, and high cost of 6-10 additional mask layers, eMemory's advanced technology has made happen of a complete set of MTP technologies fully compatible to logic process, simple and easy to port with 0-3 additional mask layers, offering customers the most reliable, easy to use, and cost saving solutions. A brief introduction of eMemory MTP solutions are listed in below:


Using NeoBit OTP in stacking structure for low endurance applications

  • Programming Requirement: Less than 10 times
  • Available Platforms: All major foundries and most nodes
  • Additional mask layers: 0


eMemory's NeoFlash is a true logic-based single poly embedded flash memory solution. Its reduced fabrication complexity at a lower cost gives it powerful advantages and offers superb competitiveness to users.

  • Programming Requirement: Density 16Kbit and above, endurance from 10-10K times
  • Available Platforms: Volume production in 0.25um and 0.18um logic and HV processes. Will also be available in 0.13um, 0.11um and 90nm nodes in the second half of 2010. 
  • Additional Mask Layers: 2-3


Same as NeoFlash, NeoEE has the advantages of simple and robust structure, logic process compatible, easy to port, and of a very low cost. This advanced technology is particularly designed to meet mid-to-low density MTP need. Applications include system parameter adjustment, LCD monitor parameter trimming, Vcom calibration IC, CMOS image sensor, and many more.

  • Programming Requirement: Density less than 16Kbit, endurance from 10-10K times
  • Available platforms: Second half of 2010 in 0.18um and 0.25um nodes, logic process
  • Additional Mask Layers: 0

Having the advantage of logic-based, simple process, short phase-in time, easy to extend from one to the next process generation, and very low cost, eMemory's NeoBit, NeoFlash and NeoEE technologies are the ultimate MTP solutions, profoundly influential and essential for both the general and advanced market use.