March 29,2011

As the Use of Touch Panel Controller and Energy-Saving Device Proliferates, the Applications of NeoFlash Achieve Significant Growth

Hsinchu, Taiwan (Mar. 29, 2011)- As a leading embedded non-volatile memory IP vendor, eMemory announces that its embedded Flash solution, NeoFlash IP, is expanding the application to Touch Panel Controller IC and Gauge IC in addition to MCU and general consumer electronic products. Equipped with the advantages of low-cost and multi-function, NeoFlash technology is capable to provide customers with a competitive leading edge in the market. At present, the Touch Panel IC and Gauge IC incorporated with NeoFlash IP have entered into pilot run phase.

With the consumer electronics market gradually regaining its momentum, the US’s Consumer Electronics Association has forecasted that the worldwide sales of consumer electronics products will reach USD 964 billion in 2011, with an annual growth of 10%. Based on the latest analysis from DigiTimes, shipment of touch panel controller ICs by the vendors in Taiwan and China is set to increase by 237.4% in the first half of 2011 as compared to the same period last year—demonstrating this area’s impressive potential for development. Current electronic devices are trending towards greater performance, lower energy consumption and smaller device sizes. To meet this ever growing demand, NeoFlash is superior in providing greatly reduced power consumption and overall cost of system products. Using Gauge ICs as an example, the use of NeoFlash allows the storage of battery usage patterns and the logging of battery levels, providing valuable design for optimizing battery performance. Moreover, compared to the traditional embedded flash, NeoFlash is capable of saving customers over 25% in cost with its capability to simplify the manufacturing processes. In addition, NeoFlash is available with a wide range of densities (from 16Kbits to 2Mbits), making it especially well suited for smart phones, tablet computers, microcontrollers and other application markets that require a high degree of flexibility. NeoFlash can thus help customers in offering a diverse lineup of products to satisfy the requirements of various types of end-users.

The core technologies of eMemory include NeoBit, NeoFlash, and NeoEE. All can offer supreme benefits of high security, simple process and low cost. With eMemory’s NVM IP embedded, customers can enjoy an easier inventory control, so there is no concern over any delay in marketing, due to the lack of standalone NVM stock. In addition, compared to the external flash, eMemory’s NVM IP can provide greater security for important data. In terms of NeoFlash, the maximum operating voltage for NeoFlash is only 6V and it is completely compatible with logic processes. Therefore, the use of NeoFlash can significantly reduce the number of masks from the traditional eight to nine mask layers down to only two or three non-critical mask layers. As a result, customers can greatly simplify the manufacturing process and shorten the production cycles.

Looking to the future, it is anticipated that NeoFlash and NeoEE will gradually take the lead in total sales and revenues. Since its introduction, NeoFlash has been broadly adopted by customers in Taiwan, the US and Japan, which is currently available for 0.18-micron logic and HV process technologies, and will be available and enter the production phase for 0.13-micron and 0.11-micron processes in late 2011.