December 27,2011

eMemory Grasps the Developing Trend in Technology and Expands into the Advanced Technology

Hsinchu, Taiwan (Dec. 27, 2011)- eMemory Inc., an embedded non-volatile memory (eNVM) leader, is reporting its recent success in technological development, as its technology platform tracks closely the global wafer fab progress in advanced process development. eMemory’s technology development, including one time programmable (OTP) memory technology, NeoBit, and multiple times programmable (MTP) memory technologies, NeoFlash and NeoEE, is making an exceptional progress. OTP memory technology has already passed reliability testing in first tier wafer fab’s 65nm process platform to enter the mass-production phase. MTP memory technology has simultaneously entered verification in the 65nm process platform, and will soon be available for application in high-end multimedia and digital consumer electronic products, such as smartphones and tablet computers, that have increasingly strict specification requirements for embedded storage components. This satisfies market demand for high-performance, advanced eNVM solutions.

eMemory eNVM is primarily used to store parameter settings and identification codes. For example, in currently popular digital set-top box and NFC-related applications, eMemory embedded EEPROM NeoEE stores password, account balance, or identification information. The products already mentioned are primarily manufactured with 65nm and 40nm technology, and, in parallel, eMemory is developing related technologies. 65nm NeoEE has recently achieved an exceptional 98% yield in verification testing, and is expected to generate positive contributions to revenue starting 2012.

iSupply has predicted that, from 2010 to 2015, smartphone and multimedia tablet computer output volume will have 28.5% and 72.1% increases in compound annual growth rates, respectively. Seeing future potential for development in high-end multimedia and digital consumer products, eMemory has consistently invested over 30% of operating costs annually into research and development of novel technologies, developing advanced eNVM silicon IP. Following NeoBit OTP entering production in the 80nm high-voltage process, and a shift in royalty income, 65nm NeoBit OTP has recently passed reliability verification, and will soon enter the production phase. And, looking forward to next-generation 55nm and even more advanced process platforms, eMemory is proactively striving to cover these markets, already partnering in development with multiple global foundries to bring 55nm high-voltage process NeoBit through verification and into the test production phase by Q2 of 2012.

eMemory’s uniquely developed eNVM technologies include OTP NeoBit and MTP NeoFlash and NeoEE silicon IPs. Due to their simple architectures and full compatibility with logic processes, the technologies can be designed directly, without modifying process steps, regardless of being built in current processes or embedded into customer products. Currently, eMemory eNVM technologies have already been widely adopted in 0.5um to 0.11um logic and derivative processes. With the recent expansion to wafer fab advanced processes, top design customers will be provided with comprehensive eNVM solutions having exceptional quality and high reliability. eMemory currently holds over 250 patents, and works with more than 310 fabless customers across the globe. Up to December, 2011, eMemory has already produced over 3.4 million 8” wafers of eNVM silicon IP, and is the most highly used provider of eNVM around the world.