March 01,2012

eMemory Announces Ultra Low Power OTP Solution in Low Cost Process Platform

Hsinchu, Taiwan (Mar. 01, 2012)- Embedded non-volatile memory (eNVM) leader eMemory is announcing continued innovation and development of its One Time Programmable (OTP) technology, NeoBit, in the green process platform, this time aiming at the consumer MCU niche market, rolling out the 1.2V and 5V OTP solutions. These two solutions use eMemory’s uniquely developed and innovative design methodology, and are particularly suited to the consumer electronics and home appliances markets, which demand high reliability. In conjunction with previously introduced 3.3V OTP solutions, diverse green process silicon IP product lines provide dramatically expanded product application scope and help driving down the customers’ overall manufacturing costs.

eMemory’s green process OTP technology is based on the 0.18 micron process platform. After screening component architecture, the process can be simplified, dramatically reducing the processing steps from the traditional 27 photomasks down to within 15 photomasks, which not only drops the manufacturing costs by 30%, but also helps the customers to conserve natural resources through process simplification, which is a strong response to the current trend toward power-saving, reduced carbon products. Green process OTP is currently in mass production in multiple wafer fabs throughout the Asia-Pacific region. The green manufacturing platform 1.2V and 5V OTP solutions being rolled out by eMemory this time around focus on low-power design and improved chip transient voltage tolerance, respectively. The 1.2V solution is particularly suitable for small, handheld, low-power electronic devices that run on a single battery, such as ear thermometers, remote controllers, etc. The 5V solution, due to its improved chip transient voltage tolerance, can aid customers in extending product lifespan and increasing product use stability, allowing consumer electronics and home appliance manufacturers to provide solutions with even greater cost effectiveness.

At this stage, eMemory’s green process 1.2V solution has already completed IP verification, and is available to customers for product design verification. The green process 5V OTP solution is currently in IP verification, and is expected to be available to customers for product design verification starting in Q2, 2012. Following roll out of the 1.2V, 3.3V, and 5V OTP solutions, eMemory’s green process OTP silicon IP product lines is reaching completion, while MTP silicon IP is also in active component development. Customers will soon be able to mix and match silicon IPs with different specs, and dramatically expand product application popularity, satisfying all kinds of requirements ranging from audio ICs to home appliance products, helping customers master the keys to success in the fiercely competitive consumer electronics market.

eMemory’s uniquely developed silicon IP technologies include OTP NeoBit and MTP NeoFlash and NeoEE, etc. Due to their simple architectures, and complete compatibility with logic processes, they can be directly designed without any need to modify existing processes. eMemory currently holds in excess of 260 patents, and serves more than 400 customers across the globe. As of January, 2012, eNVM silicon IP mass production of 8” wafers has already exceeded 3.6 million wafers, making eMemory the most widely used eNVM manufacturer in the world.