March 20,2012

eMemory and HLMC Cooperate on High-Voltage Advanced Fabrication Platform

Hsinchu, Taiwan (Mar. 20, 2012)- eMemory, an embedded non-volatile memory (eNVM) leader, and Shanghai Huali Microelectronics Corporation (HLMC) are announcing that eMemory’s One Time Programmable (OTP) technology, NeoBit, has already completed silicon IP verification in HLMC’s 55nm high-voltage process. This represents the world’s most advanced high-voltage process OTP solution, having advantages of being smaller in dimensions and at low cost. In the constantly escalating market competition for medium- to small-dimension high-definition display panels, this technology can provide high resolution display driver ICs and high performance solutions for the next-generation smartphones and tablet computers.

HLMC is currently one of the most advanced pure play wafer foundries in China, with production technologies primarily centered on Logic, HV, and other specialty technologies. The OTP technology that HLMC and eMemory have developed, integrated the currently most advanced 55nm high-voltage process platform in the world, featuring both performance improvement and cost reduction, and meeting the needs of the high-resolution smartphone and tablet computer markets. eMemory’s NeoBit OTP offers its excellent application value in HLMC’s 55nm high-voltage process, not only providing display parameter settings storage for high resolution display driver ICs to aid in adjusting moving image color, but also improving image sharpness and making images clearer. These unparalleled features make NeoBit OTP a powerful tool for the next-generation handheld devices to achieve high image quality and high resolution display.

HLMC Vice President, Jack Qi Shu, comments: “HLMC strives to develop high end process technologies to provide customers with industry-leading technology platforms and high-quality service. This initial partnership with eMemory produced great results within a short timeframe, which demonstrated both companies’ excellent technical ability and provides a basis for further cooperation. HLMC will offer more varieties of solutions for customers seeking advanced and comprehensive technical support services.”

eMemory President Rick Shen says: “eMemory is very pleased to be able to actively and effectively expand its partnership with HLMC, working hand-in-hand to roll out silicon IP solutions in a high-voltage process. Combining eMemory’s significant process development and IP design experience with HLMC’s excellent process platform service, I believe we will be able to develop comprehensive and outstanding eNVM silicon IP solutions that bring product performance and time-to-market leadership advantages to our customers around the world.”

Currently, the OTP technology based on the 55nm high-voltage platform has already passed verification, receiving excellent test results, and is slated for customer product design-in starting in the second half of 2012. In addition to the OTP high-voltage technology platform, eMemory and HLMC will continue to explore collaboration in different areas and more advanced processes to provide comprehensive, diverse eNVM solutions to satisfy all product requirements, and help customers realize maximum value.