September 27,2012

eMemory Introduces The New NeoMTP Technology

Hsinchu, Taiwan (Sep. 27, 2012)- eMemory is ambitiously preparing Multiple Times Programmable (MTP) embedded Non-Volatile Memory (eNVM) technologies. Having successfully launched its leading NeoFlash and NeoEE technology, eMemory is now rolling out the all-new NeoMTP technology, which is expected to revolutionize the eNVM technology and incite a great deal of interests in the markets for related product applications. NeoMTP technology has already passed silicon verification in 0.18um, 0.13um, and 80nm technology nodes from several international IC foundries in Asia, and is expected to go into mass production around the first half of next year. eMemory is optimistic about the future development of this technology.

eMemory, base on the mature NeoBit technology which has been licensed to 16 IC foundries worldwide and implemented in over 200 processes is now unveiling an electrical erasable memory cell -NeoMTP technology. NeoMTP is derived from the NeoBit technology. Dedicated licensed IC foundries can still continue to extend the NeoBit technology process platform to, and provide MTP solution and Silicon Intellectual Property (SIP) for the clients in very short time. NeoMTP maintains all of the advantages of NeoBit technology and is completely compatible with the logic process. Therefore, there is no change of SPICE model. Moreover, NeoMTP features its low power consumption, making it suitable for multiple times programming demands (up to 1000 cycles), such as touch panel controller ICs, microcontroller ICs, and gauge ICs. In chip design applications, NeoMTP offers circuit solutions, such as code storage, function selection, tuning, and encryption storage etc. It will serve to enhance the diversity of designs of new electronics in the future and make client products more competitive. The introduction of eMemory's all-new NeoMTP technology, in addition to the existing NeoBit, NeoFlash, and NeoEE technologies, truly underscores the company's determination to expand in the area of eNVM technology. The specs of eMemory's new NeoMTP technology enjoy a highly competitive advantage, as it is capable of writing and erasing more than 1,000 times and has 1M bits of memory capacity. Processes generally have to be modified in the traditional MTP technology prior to the technology can actually re-write multiple times. NeoMTP has overcome this technical limitation, and greatly reduces the time required by foundries to integrate the technology into process platforms. It will also save on design costs, making it an ideal solution for customers to have a superior technology with lower cost. The NeoMTP also continues to utilize the pFET-based cell structure, adopting the same hot-electron injection mechanism in the NeoBit technology and the high-voltage Fowler-Nordheim tunneling erasing mechanism for stable, reliable cell and IP performances. It is expected to significantly improve the bad image of logic MTP solutions with poor yield and instable reliability.

eMemory’s President, Rick Shen, points out that "The market needs more versatile eNVM technologies to handle the rapid evolution of product applications. eMemory continues to invest its innovative research effort and focus on the quality and availability of NVM SIP to overcome the technology limitations and expand the multiple SIP product lines into a variety of application areas. eMemory is striving to build the industry's most extensive eNVM technology and solution platform, endeavoring to bring about a win-win situation, wherein eMemory, dedicated IC foundries, and customers all enjoy long-term stable growth."

Backed by multifaceted technological support services and products recognized by IC foundries for their high quality, eMemory will provide and prepare the way for customers with the most comprehensive eNVM SIP installation services. eMemory currently has 300 patents granted in the world and has produced in excess of 4.5 million Si wafers with eMemory’s SIP embedded. eMemory’s technology has benefitted the rapid growth of mobile devices and popular application products, such as smart phones and tablets, and it will continue to flourish and contribute greatly to eMemory’s operation.