January 21,2013

eMemory's NeoEE SIP Qualified for 2.4GHz RF Product Application

Hsinchu, Taiwan (Jan. 21, 2013)- eMemory Technology, a leader in Embedded Non-Volatile Memory (eNVM) Silicon Intellectual Property (SIP) announced new breakthroughs in the applications of its Multiple Times Programmable (MTP) eNVM NeoEE® SIP. The 2.4GHz Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit (RFIC), which utilizes NeoEE® SIP, has recently been qualified in a number of foundries and will soon go into mass production. NeoEE® SIP can be used in a wide range of applications. Not only can it be used in Bluetooth ICs, Near Field Communication (NFC) devices, and P-Gamma ICs, it can also make 2.4GHz RFIC designs more compact, thereby saving on costs. As leading providers of wireless technology introduce the related solutions, the NeoEE® SIP is expected to offer IC Design companies a more diversified option for consumer electronics.

In wireless communication applications, 2.4GHz is one of the license-free bands reserved internationally for industry, science and medical (ISM) use, so it is used widely in wireless communication. To satisfy the wireless demand for electronic products, such as computer peripherals, consumer electronics, security IC, and medical electronics, to go wireless, an increasing number of 2.4G RFICs will need to be equipped with both power-saving operations and rewritable function to store and access the match code. Instead of using external EEPROM IC, the NeoEE® SIP with low power consumption not only fulfills the RFIC’s requirement on rewritable non-volatile memory, but it can allow RFIC to embed NeoEE® SIP directly into the chip design to enhance integration without the need to change the existing logic-base process. It offers low-risk effective reduction of the overall chip size, while reducing inventory costs and pressure for external EEPROM IC.

eMemory's NeoEE® SIP boasts such advantages as a simple, yet robust structure, low power consumption, competitive device size, for the fact that programming and erasure cycle can be up to 10,000 to 100,000 times. It is completely compatible with the standard CMOS logic process, precluding the need to add extra mask layers, and making it easy to be integrated into different process platforms, so the entrance threshold for foundries and IC design companies is very low. Faced with customers' various application requirements, NeoEE® SIP can be designed as EEPROM types or Flash types to store pairing passwords needed by ICs, system execution-related settings data, and use status, etc. With NeoEE® SIP, customers can obtain more flexible solutions and greatly reduce time to market.

Backed with a comprehensive customer service support system and superior technology that has proven to be well-received by foundries, eMemory can provide customers the most complete and diversified eNVM solutions and services. eMemory currently has over 300 patents granted in the world as well as more than 410 customers. As of the Q4 of 2012, eMemory’s SIP solutions have been successfully integrated into a total of 1,900 new product tape-out designs around the world. In 2012, more than 1.4 million 8-inch wafers have been mass produced with eMemory SIP embedded. This has yielded an accumulated total of 5 million 8-inch wafers being mass produced as of the end of 2012, making eMemory’s SIP the most widely used eNVM in the world.