March 06,2013

eMemory’s eNVM SIPs Reach 5 Million Wafer Production Record

Hsinchu, Taiwan (Mar. 06, 2013)- eMemory announced today that the accumulated number of customers’ wafers incorporating eMemory’s eNVM SIPs have now surpassed 5 million production mark. eMemory’s eNVM SIPs support a broad range of process platforms including logic, HV, SiGe, RF, and mixed signal throughout 0.5 microns to 40 nanometers technology. They are widely found in mainstream consumer electronic products, such as smart phones and tablet PCs. Due to the increasing demand for hand-held smart devices, the growth in wafer production is expected to remain steady.

The sale of eMemory wafer has enjoyed double-digit growth for several years in a row. In 2012 alone, it saw growth in excess of 36% with over 1.5 million in wafer sales--a new company record. The significant increase in growth has been driven primarily by developments in its popular application areas such as power management ICs, display driver ICs and MEMS sensors. This momentum in growth in wafer production is expected to be accelerated with its additional applications in Full HD Display Driver ICs (DDI), Touch-Panel Controller ICs (TPC) and 2.4GHz RFICs this coming year. In the near future, eMemory will enter more innovative areas of applications, including Battery Gauge ICs, Near-Field Communication (NFC) ICs, CMOS-Image Sensor (CIS) ICs, single-chip Touch Display Driver Integration (TDDI) ICs and Programmable-Gamma (P-Gamma) ICs. This effort will further energize the momentum in growth, with further increased efficiency in broadening the application of SIP platform.

eMemory President Rick Shen points out, "2012 has been a great year for eMemory's SIP products. Not only did we break wafer production records, but also we saw more than 37% growth in income from our royalty over the previous year. These achievements are the result of eMemory's long-term dedication to eNVM SIPs and technical development, as well as our mastery of our SIP production lines and process platforms. Our outstanding sales record is a true testimony of the high level of confidence and support we have received from the clients."

eMemory’s NeoBit OTP technology in 55nm has entered into the pilot-production phase, while other OTP and MTP solutions in advanced modes such as 40nm, 28nm and 20nm are currently in the development and verification phase. eMemory offers diversified SIP production lines to meet with the product needs for having different endurance and density. eMemory's superior technology and SIPs help customers effectively to reduce the time and costs incurred in developing products, making it the best choice for customers in looking for a partner in eNVM.