May 08,2013

NeoFuse – eMemory’s Innovative Anti-fuse eNVM Technology

Hsinchu, Taiwan (May. 08, 2013)–Today, eMemory, an embedded non-volatile memory (eNVM) industry leader, announces an innovative anti-fuse eNVM technology, NeoFuse, targeting for product applications and IC designs with advanced process. With its unique features, small IP size and outstanding data retention in high temperature ambient, NeoFuse helps product designers to achieve high performance and high reliability requirements. NeoFuse technology has been demonstrated successfully in a number of first-tier foundries. The pioneer NeoFuse IP has been also approved on variety of advanced process nodes (65nm, 55nm, 40nm, 28nm) for different applications, such as low-power and high-voltage applications. NeoFuse will be released for mass production in Q4 of this year right after IP qualifictation in Q3. The unveiling of NeoFuse technology with successful experience in NeoBit technology development expands eMemory’s One Time Programmable (OTP) eNVM technology portfolio successfully from mature process into the advanced process.

NeoFuse is eMemory new-invented OTP eNVM technology and utilizes an anti-fuse structure that stores data through the impedance change of the memory cell during the programming operation. For immunity of process variation, NeoFuse technology adopts special architecture design and successfully reduces the impact from advanced process variation, that significantly helps for uniform array performance. With the unique smart peripheral circuits, NeoFuse IP realizes low power consumption, high read margin for outstanding reliability and data security. Compared to foundries’ proprietary eFuse technology, NeoFuse offers smaller cell size and macro size. With the features of low programming current and non-obvious programming mark for data storage, it is good for in-system programming and security application. Therefore, NeoFuse is suitable for set-top boxes (STB), digital TVs (DTV), and CMOS Image Sensor (CIS) ICs.

eMemory’s NeoFuse technology is fully compatible with the standard CMOS process, so it can offer the flexibility for interfab porting and requires no additional mask layer. With adoption of NeoFuse, product designers can have embedded OTP solutions at most-effective cost and significantly increase their product competitiveness. Continuing the technical supports and the excellent user experiences of NeoBit IP, NeoFuse IP provides customers with not only user-friendly interface for prodcut design-in to reduce the designer’s effort and circuit design complexity, but also high flexibility for their products used in field programming. For code storage, encryption code, identification, or analog trimming, eMemory provides diverse NeoFuse solutions to make customers’ IC design simpler and more flexible. Moreover, for product applications with same programming content and high production volume, eMemory also provide customer technical support for converting NeoFuse to ROM for more manufacturing flexibility, just like NeoROM conversion employed in NeoBit platform.

eMemory continues to invest its innovative development efforts to actively expand versatile eNVM technologies and product applications. eMemory’s current lineups of NeoBit, NeoFlash, NeoEE, NeoMTP and NeoFuse include both One Time Programmable (OTP) and Multiple Time Programmable (MTP) products, providing the most suitable solutions from the currently established mature process to an advanced process. This enables eMemory to provide customers with a more comprehensive range of IP services. Up to now, eMemory has held over 330 patents granted in the world and has produced an accumulated total of over 5.5 million 8-inch wafers being embedded with eMemory SIP, making eMemory the leader in eNVM industry.