July 07,2014

eMemory’s eNVM SIP NeoFuse Contributes to Revenue Growth Momentum

Hsinchu, Taiwan (July 7, 2014)—In addition to its Silicon Intellectual Property (SIP) NeoBit’s excellent mass production achievement, eMemory’s SIPs NeoFuse has entered mass-production phase which will contribute to the steady growth of the accumulated wafer production amount. NeoFuse SIP can be widely applied to popular applications including smartphones, mobile devices, wearable devices, Internet of Things (IoT), smart homes, and electro-medical applications etc. It will further expand eMemory SIP’s market penetration and deployment of CMOS Image Sensors (CIS), Bluetooth ICs, Set-Top Box ICs, and Communication ICs applications and increase mass production effects.

eMemory has introduced NeoFuse technology onto over 20 process platforms worldwide and assisted clients’ CMOS Image Sensor ICs (CIS) and Display Driver IC (DDI) to enter volume shipment phases. The process platform deployments include 0.11um, 65nm, 55nm, 40nm, and 28nm process; among which the qualification at advanced 55nm high-voltage (HV), 55nm low-power (LP), 40nm LP, 28nm High-K Metal-Gate (HKMG) and CIS processes have been completed. NeoFuse technology of the above process nodes are being adopted by leading foundries, and NeoFuse SIP is being designed in the clients’ tape-out for CIS, Display Driver ICs (DDI), and Set-Top Box IC applications. While the technology is being introduced onto various process generations and bringing growth momentum, eMemory is also developing next generation NeoFuse in FinFET platforms for grasping the future industrial trend.

eMemory’s complete eNVM SIP portfolio and process platform deployment fulfill diverse application requirements and contribute to years of double-digit growth in wafer production. Since eMemory achieved 5 million wafer production at the beginning of 2013, the total mass-produced wafer quantity continued to surge. In 2013, the annual growth rate has beaten previous records and increased by 33% that the accumulated wafer production quantity have reached a new milestone and exceeded 8 million mark. This significant growth was driven primarily by the development of popular applications including Power Management ICs (PMIC), Display Driver ICs (DDI), Microcontrollers (MCU), MEMS Controllers (MEMS), Touch Panel Controllers (TPC), and Radio Frequency ICs (RFIC).

eMemory’s eNVM SIPs support a wide range of process platforms including logic, HV, SiGe, RF, and mixed signal throughout 0.5μm to 28nm technology. The SIPs developed by eMemory has been successfully embedded on over 2400 new product design licenses globally, applying on smartphones, mobile devices, and other mainstream consumer electronic products. eMemory offers complete eNVM solutions from mature mass-production to advanced processes, who is the best eNVM SIP partner for foundries, IDM, and fabless clients around the world.