October 21,2014

eMemory NeoEE SIP Advances into Automotive Electronics Applications

Hsinchu, Taiwan (Oct. 21, 2014) – Following the expansion of multiple-time programmable (MTP) silicon IP (SIP) NeoEE in wireless communication applications; eMemory, the global leader in embedded non-volatile memory (eNVM) announced today the specification upgrade of NeoEE from consumer electronics level (85℃/10 years) to 150℃/10 years, which meets the AEC-Q100 Grade 0 required by automotive electronics. NeoEE’s high-temperature resistance and stability not only fulfill the application demands of consumer electronics, but also assist clients in developing high-performance products suitable for harsh automotive environment and seize the market opportunities of automotive electronics.

Automotive electronics are devices apart from safety and vehicle control purposes, which are used independently in the automotive environment. The associated applications include telematics and in-car entertainment systems, such as portable navigation devices, GPS, entertainment systems, and electronic sensing devices…etc.

The prevalence of networking mobile devices in recent years has greatly enhanced the interactions between telematics system and handheld devices. As the result, leading brands include Microsoft, Apple, and Google are seeking business opportunities in the Internet of Vehicles (IoV) by rolling out smart automotive devices such as Windows in the car, Carplay, and Google Projected Mode through collaborations with major automotive companies. Various mobile devices include iPhone, Android phones, or even wearable devices are connected with in-car electronics such as car audio video entertainment and navigation system wirelessly to fulfill the consumer demands of "Internet of Everything". With the global sale of up to 80 million cars each year, the automotive electronics associated applications are expected to bring great market opportunities for wireless communication IC, microcontroller IC (MCU), MEMS controller (MEMS), and power management IC (PMIC).

At present, most automotive electronics IC providers supply consumer and industrial grade (125℃/10 years) generic products to meet the market demands. As automotive electronics requires more stringent specifications than those for the general consumer electronics and industrial grade products, the auto aftermarket and consumer’s attentions on safety and reliability hence translate into the growth of automotive grade devices.

Targeting the surging demands, eMemory researched and upgraded NeoEE SIP specification to automotive grade of 150℃/10 years to improve data retention capability in high-temperature environment, for fully complying with the stringent requirements by automotive electronics.

NeoEE SIP is developed based on the standard 5V MOS process platform, which is fully compatible with the standard CMOS logic process without the need of additional masks. It is easy to be integrated in high-voltage and Bipolar-CMOS-DMOS (BCD) platforms commonly used for automotive electronics, assisting manufacturers to reduce product development cycle time as well as production cost. The simple structure feature also enables it to be embedded in existing IC for replacing conventional external EEPROM, which is beneficial for surmounting data security issues of communication ICs.

With the mature Fowler-Nordham Tunneling (FNT) mechanism, NeoEE SIP is able to minimize damages of gate oxide during the erase/write process. Such feature can significantly improve the reliability of embedded nonvolatile memory, increasing production yield, as well as enhancing system security for automotive applications. Furthermore, the low-power erase/write characteristic can also effectively reduce power consumption and extend battery life of electronic devices.

Fully complying with the design rules of foundries, the circuit designs of all eMemory SIP pass complete verifications including operating voltage, high/low temperature, process upper and lower limit to ensure stability. By utilizing various SIP built-in test mode, eMemory is able to enhance testing precision to further improve production yield, increase cost advantages, and strengthen quality to satisfy various security and reliability application requirements.

eMemory SIP NeoEE has been deployed at leading foundries in logic, low-power, BCD, CIS process, as well as the green process platform developed exclusively by eMemory. In addition, eMemory has successfully embedded NeoEE in 10 new design tape outs in 2014 alone, indicating promising outlook of such technology. With its long-term efforts in developing advanced and diversified solutions, eMemory will continue expanding SIP application range to benefit clients with greater product value and competitive advantages in the future.