November 19,2014

eMemory Offers IP Industry-Leading Hybrid MTP SIP

Hsinchu, Taiwan (Nov 19, 2014)—Targeting the market demand of integrated IC, eMemory announced today the availability of Hybrid MTP, a leading integrated Multiple Times Programmable (MTP) Silicon Intellectual Property (SIP). Base on the applications, clients can select the suitable OTP solution (NeoBit) and MTP solution (NeoMTP) from eMemory’s diverse SIP portfolio, and customize the composition of OTP and MTP in the Hybrid MTP. Hybrid MTP is the comprehensives solution for fulfilling clients’ requirements including competitive production cost, compact cell size, and excellent product performance, which enables clients to stride in the growing markets of portable devices, mobile communications, and Internet of Things (IoT).

In the past, to fulfill for OTP and MTP storage proposes including operation commands storage, parameter setting, and program access simultaneously; individual embedded flash memory was used as design solutions of consumer electronics application ICs such as microcontroller (MCU). This “over quality” memory solution required highly complex process which leads to higher wafer production cost compared. As the result, the concept of OTP/MTP hybrid solution and the demand of “one-stop shop” embedded memory services emerged as consumer electronics suppliers were in need for cost-effective alternatives.

Due to most IP providers could only offer either OTP or MTP rather than a total integrated solution, partial SIP must be purchased externally for further integration. Consequently, the incompatible OTP and MTP SIP layout designs impede circuits with the same function from being integrated for size optimization. Moreover, signal noise and excess power consumption may also occur as incompatible circuit designs caused transmission malfunction. All the aforementioned factors hence increase the demands of OTP/MTP integration services.

In response to the market demands and product development trends, eMemory developed the industry-leading hybrid MTP and integration services which transcend the conventional “one-stop shop” service. Compared to vendors who could only provide either OTP or MTP solutions, eMemory offers clients with comprehensive selections of both OTP and MTP SIP according to their application requirements such as ID setting, encryption, parameter setting, system calibration, and function selection. Furthermore, the OTP/MTP composition in Hybrid MTP can be flexibly adjusted to customize integrated ICs which most suitable to clients’ needs.

By eliminating the obstacles of signal transmission between SIPs of different origins and the associated noise as well as dissipation issues, eMemory’s integrated Hybrid MTP solution offers superior performance. As the cell size of OTP is smaller compared to MTP and the simpler circuit requires less testing time, when eMemory developed OTP and MTP SIP are adopted for Hybrid MTP integration, the same peripheral circuits can be shared to achieve size optimization. For example, when the OTP composition in the Hybrid MTP reaches 87.5%, the SIP dimension can be reduced significantly by 41%, while the testing time can be decreased up to 38%. All of the above demonstrate Hybrid MTP’s advantages in terms of competitiveness and efficiency.

The integrated Hybrid MTP solution can be adopted onto the extensive OTP process platforms eMemory developed. This solution is ideal for cost-sensitive and compact-designed applications including Touch Panel Controller, MCU, Radio Frequency ICs (RFIC), SoC, and Touch with Display Driver ICs (TDDI) which combines both display and touch functions in one single IC; assisting clients to advance into the extensive market of portable devices, mobile communication, and IoT. eMemory’s Hybrid MTP solution offers the technical and cost advantages of both OTP and MTP, which will not only expand the range of clients’ product applications, but also create values for clients in new perspectives.