October 18,2016

eMemory Receives SMIC Best IP Partner Award for 4th Year in a Row

Hsinchu, Taiwan (Oct. 18, 2016) – eMemory, a long-time player in the Chinese market, has been working closely with China-based Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC) to deploy logic-based non-volatile memory (Logic NVM) in all generations of SMIC’s process platforms. eMemory’s comprehensive portfolio of silicon IP technology and highly integrated design and support services have been recognized for the fourth year in a row with the SMIC Best IP Partner Award. With eMemory, the extensive Chinese market customers enjoy a wider field of applications and enhanced product value. 

eMemory and SMIC began partnership since 2004. Over the years, eMemory’s One Time Programmable (OTP) and Multiple Times Programmable (MTP) eNVM technologies—NeoBit, NeoFuse, NeoEE, and NeoMTP—have been widely deployed in SMIC’s logic, HV, analog, and BCD processes ranging from 0.35um to 28nm, providing the most cost-effective solutions for applications including microcontrollers (MCU), power management ICs (PMIC), multimedia players, digital TVs, and digital set-top boxes (STB). 

In addition to technologies deployment in existing platforms, recently eMemory and SMIC are delving into applications such as ultra-low power MCUs, analog ICs, RFID ICs, and IoT, also strengthening strategic cooperation on SMIC’s Poly Contact for Ultra Low Leakage (SPOCULL), ultra-low power (ULP), and eFlash processes. By riding the wave of IoT development, eMemory expedites cutting-edge silicon IP products that are ultra-low power consumption, effective, reliable, and highly cost-competitive to grasp vast market opportunities.

The Chinese semiconductor industry has been growing rapidly, propelling China to the ranks of the foundry powerhouses. The revenues of Chinese IC design house have exceeded the revenues of counterparts in Taiwan this year, indicating the growing importance of Chinese businesses in the worldwide market. Combining eMemory’s state-of-the-art technologies and excellent support services as well as SMIC’s diverse process platforms, the two companies will continue to develop comprehensive solutions in a wide range of processes together, meeting customers’ application requirements across the board.