February 08,2017

eMemory Qualified NeoFuse in TSMC 16FFC Process

Hsinchu, Taiwan (February 8, 2017) – World-leading NVM IP provider eMemory announces the availability of NeoFuse technology, qualified in TSMC’s 16nm FinFET Compact (16FFC) process. Customers have already embedded the NeoFuse IP for product tape-out. eMemory’s rapid development in 16nm FinFET process variants such as 16nm FinFET Plus (16FF+) and 16FFC has proven the quality of NeoFuse IP.

By comparison with the 16FF+ process, 16FFC has the cost and power advantages that mainstream markets demand. eMemory’s NeoFuse IP has not only been smoothly implemented but also upgraded to support 125°C programming in 16FFC process for a range of product applications, such as smart phones, consumer products, and wearable devices.

In addition to the qualification of NeoFuse in 16FFC process, eMemory is planning to develop NeoFuse technology in TSMC’s 12nm process — the fourth generation of 16nm FinFET process, enjoying lower leakage and better cost characteristics. With comprehensive implementation in the 16FinFET process series including 16FinFET, 16FF+, 16FFC, and 12FinFET, eMemory IP has taken a leading position in the new round of market competition.

As leading NVM IP provider, eMemory maintains a very close relationship with both IP users and foundry partners to develop its IPs in leading-edge process nodes at the early stage in order to provide the customer, at every step, with the most comprehensive NVM IP solutions.